Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My mentor is not feeling very well today. She is spending tonight in Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne following surgery this morning. I got up at O Dark Thirty and drove to her house through flurries and three inches of snow that had fallen overnight, to accompany her to the hospital. We were a little late, but apparently, so was everyone else, because when we got there, she had to wait quite a long time before being taken back for prepping for surgery. And once back there - more waiting.

She had fundoplication, a word I can't seem to remember for more than two minutes (but at least I can pronounce it, which is more than I can say for laparoscopically). It's necessary for patients that have severe cases of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and she's been avoiding this surgery for quite some time. Besides having an aversion to surgery in general, this is sure to slow her down and she does not live life slowed down. Though she is 23 years older than I am, she can and always has been able to work circles around me. The Energizer Bunny? She leaves him in her wake on a regular basis.

The surgery went well. The surgeon found just what he thought he would and he got the result he wanted when he was finished. Fundoplication involves taking the upper end of the stomach and wrapping it around the esophagus and anchoring it there. This helps prevent acid reflux. She also had a hiatal hernia and that was repaired during the surgery today. She will be on a liquid diet for the next two weeks. Doesn't this all sound like a good time to you? Nope. Me neither. She should be able to come home tomorrow, if she continues to play the part of The Good Patient.

Get well soon, Mom.


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