Friday, April 27, 2007

I Still Don't Like It

Awhile back, I mentioned how I was disappointed in the 'Replete' daffodil I'd gotten a couple of years ago. I didn't like it last year, and I don't like it this year. It is supposed to be pink in the center and it's pale peachy orange. It would never occur to me to call it pink. Check out the picture, description, and most importantly the disclaimer here.

It's a double that might be called ruffly, but I call it messy. It's like it's having a bad hair day every day of its life.
The picture posted here is mine and it's an extremely flattering one. It certainly doesn't look like the pictures you'll find on sellers' websites. (That subject is a rant best saved for another day.)

It has other afflictions, too:

  • It's floppy and most times can't stand up under its own weight
  • It doesn't bloom very prolifically
  • The blooms don't last very long
  • It's just generally ugly

How this thing managed to be named 1995 "Daffodil of the Year" is beyond me, when there are so many more attractive ones out there. It's like it's the Sphinx cat of the daffodil world. I'm sure there are those out there that love Sphinxes and Repletes, but I'm not one of them. Oregon hybridizer Murray Evans, who introduced it in 1975, is no doubt proud of his baby, but I'm glad it's not his only claim to fame.

I have threatened to dig it up and move it to my Orphan Garden, but I think I'll just let it stay where it is. Some of its downfalls make it not worth the effort of moving it. Besides, it's planted in with other ones that I do like. By the time they bloom, Replete isn't around to spoil their good looks. Whenever I decide to divide that bunch of bulbs, I'll try and isolate the Repletes then.

But in keeping with my optimistic outlook on life, I have found one thing I do like about it. Its back side is actually very pretty. We should all be so lucky to have a pretty rear, eh?


Christa said...

I had a similar experience with a new type of dahlia I bought last year. The picture on the package showed it as a deep orange color with white on the tips of the petals. When it bloomed, it was a weak looking purplish-pink color! I was entirely disappointed because I wanted the deep orange, not pink.

That is kind of an odd looking, mixed-up daffodil you have there. But you're right, it's pretty on the back side.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh Kylee...I was having such a good time in that database that I had to open a new window to come back and comment! I didn't realize they had one there (duh)! Now, I can finally know for sure that some I suspected were not what they are supposed to be...really aren't!

I'm sorry this one disappoints you. I have to say I'm not a big fan of daffodil doubles. A few that I've gotten from Old House Gardens haven't disappointed, but I guess you have to kinda like that wild look a bit. The others (with some exception) seem to flop or blast for me...this year, I'm keeping better records (I get a little better each year), so those non-performers have next year to improve or they're outta here! Actually, I've already decided two are out! But, anyway, a good one is a joy to see!

And yeah, that whole color thing in flowers is sometimes a mess...

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

I'm with you 100 % : say no to Repletes and Sphinxes! The Repletes are slightly better of than the Sphinxes because they have pretty back sides. Sphinxes are not so lucky! ;-)

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