Friday, February 22, 2008

American Tree Sparrow

This past Christmas, Kara and Adam got me a bird feeder that looks like a giant cattail. It's great for filling with sunflower seeds and I did just that, so the cardinals would have a fashionable dining area. I mean, they are pretty flashy and being our state bird, they deserve it! That's not really why I wanted it, but it is one of the more attractive feeders available.

The cardinals haven't found it yet, but the sparrows have!

Cute little guy, isn't he?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Kylee, I hate to tell you this but I doubt your Cardinals will use this feeder. They are ground feeders for the most part. They like platform type of feeders or the ground best.

Your pretty little American Tree Sparrow is also usually a ground feeder. It must have been very hungry to get up there for a seed. So you never know.

O.I.M said...

cute indeed. love the blurred wing effect in the first photo. good luck with the half marathon. I'm myself am more inclined to try a half-city block :)

thanks for popping by my blog.


Unknown said...

He's very, very cute...and looks very pleased with himself for having gotten that seed out, too!

Tom Arbour said...

Kylee, wonderful shot, I wish I had these at my feeder here in Columbus!


Unknown said...

How adorable! Whatever finds the seed to eat there, I love that cattail feeder. Very pretty.

Muum said...

My red-neck bird feeder is attracting mostly black chickadees, if I read the bird book right. They are bold little fellows.

Anonymous said...

I need to get into this bird feeding thing. These are are great shots and I would enjoy the extra help debugging the garden:)

Sky said...

there is nothing like nature to entertain us! great photos.

Frances, said...

We have sparrows but they are very different that this one, but we do have tons of cardinals. They like the platform feeders but do come to a similar feeder to yours that we have that is filled with peanut suet nugget type thingys. We put the sunflower seed in the other feeders.

Frances at Faire Garden

Nancy J. Bond said...

We have several types of sparrows at our feeder...or picking up the leftovers just under it. They are one of my favorites, mostly for their sweet song!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

You got a great shot of the sparrow!
I have a hanging feeder like that, usually the chickadees eat from it unless I put Zick dough in it and then the starlings take over. I might attract more cardinals if I had a platform feeder as Frances and Lisa suggested.

Victoria Williams said...

Very cute! Nice pics.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ I didn't know that! But I guess it's okay because just above that, we have a platform feeder with sunflower seeds on it, too, and they still haven't found it. They feed from the regular bird feeders on the other side of the house. I do see them on the ground, too, but they seem to like the ones with the perches as well. Maybe we have weird birds here. LOL.

Irena ~ I like that photo the best, too. The half-marathon is beginning to scare me already. LOL.

Jodi ~ Doesn't he though?

Tom ~ Are you sure you don't? We have lots of different sparrows, but I couldn't tell you what the other ones are. I'd have to look them up. I had to look this one up, too.

Kim ~ I would love to have a couple more of those feeders and group them together in the garden. Maybe I'll buy a couple more and do just that!

Muum ~ I've seen chickadees every now and then, but not often.

flowergardengirl ~ There are all kinds of good reasons to feed the birds! :-)

sky ~ Thanks! Nature is a never-ending entertainment medium, isn't it?

Frances ~ I have sunflower seed in all kinds of feeders. I've found that we attract the most birds with this seed.

Nancy ~ We too have lots of different sparrows. And yes, they are very good singers!

Robin ~ The starlings LOVE the suet. I couldn't believe what hogs they were!

Kim and Victoria ~ Thanks!

Meems said...

Yes, your sparrow is very cute... and how I adore all types of feeders. I also put different varieties of seeds in mine to attract different varieties of birds. Although if I ever were to put sunflower alone in any feeder the squirrels would ravage it in no time and not leave a single morsel for the birds.

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