Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks, Mom

My mom paid me a really big compliment on Sunday. Everyone was here for Mother's Day - Grandma, Mom and Dad, Kara and Adam, and Jenna. Oh, and Bella. Boisterous Bouncing Bella. It was a rainy day, but we grabbed umbrellas and walked out through the gardens in the mist.

Mom has mentioned several times in the past that I have a gazillion plants. Well, yes I do. I have a big palette here to work with. And I'm like Jodi, I just can't resist a charming plant. There are worse things than plant addiction, aren't there?

As we walked up to the back door through the gardens that are closest to the house, Mom said, "Your yard and gardens just look gorgeous. I thought maybe it might be a jungle out here, but it's not. Everything looks so nice."

This, from a Master Gardener, a creative designer, and most importantly, my mother, from whom I've learned so much, not just about gardening. When I think back to how far I've come as a gardener since I started three years ago and the countless times I've sought Mom's advice, her saying what she did meant a lot. I mean, who doesn't love a mother's approval?


Anonymous said...

How nice, it is always nice to hear something positive from Mom. I wish that my Mom shared my love of gardening.

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture of the two of you!! Still feels nice to hear our mom's affirm us, even at our (my) age!!! cathy

Louise Hartwig said...

Your gardens are beautiful! Any Mother would love having a protege like you. So fun sharing a common interest. Love you. Mom

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing better than getting Moms stamp of approval.

Victoria Williams said...

That's so sweet. I wish my mother was still alive to see my garden.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your mother shares and nurtures your gardening obsession. It's great to have the approval of our mentors, especially when those mentors are moms.

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