Friday, July 25, 2008

A Lily A Day . . .

We have our own little lilyfest going on right here at Our Little Acre. We're enjoying the frilly blooms scattered throughout Max's Garden, where nearly all our daylilies are located. We don't have regular daylily gardens like you see when you visit a hemhead* garden, where they are generally placed in daylily beds or grouped in large clumps. Ours are here and there, living happily among the other perennials, annuals, herbs and roses.

However, the more daylilies we get, the closer they get to each other. Some have been here for a very long time, and those have spread to the point that I'm feeling like some need to be divided. The nice thing about older, larger clumps of an assortment of daylilies is that you're pretty much assured that once they start blooming, successive blooms keep them going for a month or three.

When we moved here in 1977, there was minimal landscaping on the property with very few flowering plants. I can remember a couple of peonies, yellow potentilla, and some orange daylilies. Those original daylilies still grow here and have multiplied exponentially. They line the north side of our pool area, and we've shared them with neighbors and family.

I used to think they were run-of-the-mill ditch lilies, but last summer, I took a good look at them, and they certainly are anything but ordinary. The color is familiar, but the form is double and sometimes triple! (Could be 'Kwanzo'?) I have a new appreciation for these daylilies that we've been enjoying all these years.

All of our daylilies have not popped blooms for us yet, but many have been doing so without stop for about a month now. I present the current line-up:

'El Desperado'
I love the dark edge on this custard-colored rebloomer. Purchased this year from Great Garden Plants (highly recommended for daylilies!)

'Alabama Jubilee'
I thought 'South Seas' was a great, vibrant color, but wow! This one is so reddish-orange that it's hard to capture the gorgeous color. It definitely catches your eye in the garden. Another
Great Garden Plants selection - and a rebloomer.

'Siloam Double Classic'
Purchased this year from
Great Garden Plants

I originally thought this was 'Strawberry Candy', but now I don't think it is - no dark edges on it. This was a passalong that I got so long ago I don't even remember who gave it to me. I do have 'Strawberry Candy', but it's not blooming yet.

Wolfe with a Dark Eye
This is a hybrid from daylily hybridizer Lana Wolfe. Mom and I visited her nearby gardens last summer and I purchased this unnamed and unregistered hybrid from her. She "done good" on this one!

'Etched Eyes'

'Lady Fingers'
This spider daylily is large and the greenish centers glow when they're illuminated by the sun.

An unnamed hybrid by another hybridizer - Barbara Wolff - which she simply calls 'Wolff 734'. I bought this from her two years ago, so I need to call her to find out if she ever named and registered it. It's quite large.

'Wolff 726'
Another great one from Barb Wolff. The eye is a little more subtle than this photograph suggests.

Another Lana Wolfe hybrid that I called 'Lovely Lana'. Of course, it will never be named that because there's already a daylily by that name and this isn't it. This one is another of hers that isn't named or registered. But she should. It's GINORMOUS and a heavy bloomer. Stunning.

'Hush Little Baby'
Such a pretty thing. Creamy coloring. Just sweet and perfectly named.

'Leprechaun's Eyes'

'Pardon Me'
Its blooms are small, but goodness, it's prolific! And fragrant!

'Czars Treasure'
Given to me by Mom in 2006

'Black-Eyed Stella'

No ID - I can't remember where I got these (from Mom probably), but they were the first daylilies planted in Max's Garden in the fall of 2005. They've really spread and I should divide them and share the love. They're a deeper red than this photograph shows.

Very similar to 'Pardon Me'.

'Ruffles 'n' Lace'

'South Seas'
This is a really luscious shade of deep corally orange.

'Big Smile' and 'Penny Candy' are finished, but we're still waiting on:

  • 'Sunday Gloves'
  • 'Red Volunteer'
  • 'Frans Hals'
  • 'Sarah Christine'

'Stella d'Oro' is taking a break.

* "What is a hemhead?" you might ask. The genus name for daylilies is Hemerocallis, so just as Jimmy Buffet fans are called parrotheads, daylily lovers are called hemheads. I'm not one. Yet.


Shibaguyz said...

Beautiful... tried to pick a favorite but there were so many to like! Hhmmm... I'm a fan of the darker ones and Jason likes the lighter ones with the dark centers. Sounds like we're picking out candy! LOL

Zoë said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the last one, 'South Seas' what an amazing colour! I want!


Earth Girl said...

These are so lovely. Can you believe I've never been to Lana's even though she is only 6 or 7 miles from my house?? That has got to change.

Changing the subject, I'm so excited that you will be visiting Gene Stratton-Porter again. Let me know when and I will meet you there.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I really liked the lemon yellow "Lady Fingers".

Shady Gardener said...

What a beautiful tour you just gave!I have NO favorites, but I sure would love to be on the receiving end when you divide some day! ;-) I may head out to a garden tour that was "advertised" by its owner (whom I do not know) as an open house to view her "thousands" of daylilies.

I think I should go.

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

Oh nooooo...more inspiration to buy MORE lilies! They are so beautiful and I love the spider lilies!

The Japanese beetles are in our garden too-- they seem to LOVE morning glories for some reason and eat the leaves ragged.

John said...

Hello Kylee,

A very nice collection of daylilies.. then again there are no ugly daylilies to a hemhead...


John from Cleveland

PS - the first sign is denile...

Nancy J. Bond said...

Kylee, you've got some of the most impressive collection of lilies I've ever seen! I adore El Desperado, and the two "Eyes" lilies. But the color of all of them is spectacular! You certainly have a green lily thumb.

Kara said...

Love them ALL! I bought Little Grapette on clearance last year, and this year it has bloomed like crazy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great assortment of daylilies Kylee. I don't have any with those colored edges. I must remedy this situation.

Sky said...

oh, my! so lovely. i wish we had room for the beautiful lilies you display. ours are all jumbled up together in a rock garden and need to be divided every year. they look so congested and need more room! these many varieties are gorgeous!

joey said...

Amazing photos, Kylee. I'm most impressed. Happy summer!

IBOY said...

Kylee... love that "Wolfe With A Dark Eye"!

CIELO said...

Wow... just lovely! Now I want some daylilies for my garden! :)


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