Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hanging On To Summer

The air is different. Nights are cooling, but even the summer breezes on the hottest days have a little less heat in them. The skies are beginning to turn that caerulean color that is only seen at this time of year. Yes, summer is waning, but it's not over until it's over.

Nancy J. Bond of Soliloquy says it best . . .

Treasure Your Garden

At August's end we hold our breath
And wait for Summer's certain death;
We spend our gardening time in dread
Composting favorite flower heads.

We dig and weed and mulch and till,
Hanging on to warm days still
Occurring, though they're shortened soon
By early dusks and golden moon.

We walk our garden paths with sighs
That summer goes so quickly by;
Cupping one persistent bloom
That helps dispel this August gloom.

"Pshaw!" say I, don't be so glum,
Look forward to the days to come!
Just think of all the kneeling, raking,
Bending, til your back is aching.

Of all the whirligigs and gnomes,
Gazing balls and Old Toad homes
That must be cleaned and put away,
Made ready for another day.

Of pools to empty, ponds to drain,
Gourds to pick before fall rains.
Hoes and spades and other tools
Must all be stored as weather cools.

But I, for one, embrace the days
Of clear, crisp air and morning haze,
Of walks though tunnels red and gold,
Of wisps of smoke as nights grow cold.

Of quilts and books beside the fire,
Pumpkin pies and apple cider.
And soon enough, a crystal frost
When heat of Summer's truly lost.

Though I'll be glad for cooler air,
I'll bide my time til it is here;
We mustn't wish away our days,
But fill them in delightful ways.

So, for today, my garden blooms!
Although it might be over soon,
These days of August still bring pleasure.
Embrace your fading garden treasures!

- (c) 2008 Nancy J. Bond

Nancy's blog is one of my favorite places to visit. She's a master at creating words to go along with beautiful photographs of her gardens (and other things).

She's located in Nova Scotia, Canada, a place I hope to one day visit, as my parents will be doing in October. I have her gracious permission to reproduce her poem here.

Thank you, Nancy.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful pictures and great poem.

Anonymous said...

I love Nancy's poem. It reminds me of crisp fall days from my childhood in South Carolina. Here in Austin, I look forward to fall for another reason, different than Nancy's: a return to the garden, to being outdoors again after a long, hot summer, to digging and planting and living outdoors again.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm so pleased that you wanted to use my poem, Kylee -- I hadn't seen it until your comment as we were out of province on Saturday. :) I'm very flattered and I thank you for your very kind words. Your photos are perfect illustrations.

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