Monday, September 22, 2008

I Have the Most Creative Friends!

So last weekend was my birthday, right? And what would any birthday be without a few surprises? Earlier in the week, I found a package on my front porch that our mail lady had left. I couldn't remember ordering anything, but when I looked at the return address, I smiled, knowing there would be something fun inside.

My friend Kat, who lives in Florida, is one of the most artistic, creative people I know. I should have known when I met her that she would be, because she's left-handed and I was told a long time ago that many of the great artists were also left-handed. But anyway, over the years I've known her - which is eleven - I've seen and been the recipient of some of her endeavors.

I took the box into the house, and since she knows I won't pay attention to it, she no longer bothers to put on the outside, "Do not open until September 19th" (or Christmas). So I ripped it open and there was an entire box of individually wrapped packages. There were Martha Stewart origami gift boxes, a picture frame, a daisy plate, a wicker pattern ceramic mug, a fun paper number square game she'd made with cute messages inside (remember those?), a small tapestry pillow that said, "Gardners Know the Best Dirt", and flowers.

Flowers! She'd made flowers. Dr. Seuss flowers! These flowers were made from colored buttons and beads that she'd wired together with silk leaves. She included the wooden picks so I could attach them myself to make the stems whatever length I wanted to. Just too cute.

I'm not nearly as artistically creative and when it comes to flower arranging, things go from bad to worse, but I tried...

So then, Thursday comes - the day before my birthday. Once again, our mail lady was the deliverer of good things. A padded manila envelope, hand-printed with my address, postmarked from California. Rosehaven Cottage.

Now there's another creative one! Cindy, as many of you know, has great talents in many areas, not the least of which is photography. I've admired those talents for about a year now, ever since I discovered her blog, Rosehaven Cottage. She loves gardening, cats, and nature in general, so we are kindred spirits and I've enjoyed our long-distance friendship.

What she'd sent to me was a set of notecards featuring a gorgeous photograph she'd taken of dewsdrops on a Japanese Maple. I'd seen the photo on one of her other web sites,
Rosehaven Cottage Art Gallery, and commented on how much I loved it.

These cards are exceptional. Oh, the photograph itself is outstanding to be sure, but the quality of the print and cards is also first class. She's mounted them using clear photo squares and hand-signs each one. On the back of the card is her personal business information, printed directly onto the card. The envelopes are high quality as well. Then they are packaged in a clear cellophane package and sealed with a Rosehaven Cottage sticker. They are a beautiful gift.

Thank you, my friends.


Adventure girl said...

How nice! and cute!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What wonderful gifts. You have some talented friends.

Shady Gardener said...

I hope I at least wished you "Happy Birthday!" ;-) You not only have talented friends... but generous ones, as well!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I am SO glad that you love the cards! I knew they had to be yours after your comment.

Love and hugs,

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