Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peony's Envy

When I come across a business that does something exceptional, it grabs my attention. And I remember places like that. It could be what they're selling, their prices, or the service I get when I shop there.

Last week, while Mom, Kara and I were attending the Cincinnati Flower Show, we came upon a simple, small booth with a smiling, petite woman standing behind a table. On that table, lined up like soldiers, were small black bags, each with a photo attached of a single bloom of a gorgeous peony.

Now even though peonies are one of the first flowers I can remember from my childhood, and I live near what was once known as The Peony Capitol of the World, they were never on my list of "oh I must have that" plants. And then I attended the Cleveland Flower Show in 2005, was smitten by a tree peony ('Sahohime'), and suddenly nothing was the same as far as peonies were concerned.

There are herbaceous peonies (including the fernleaf), tree peonies, and intersectional peonies. There are also such things as Japanese woodland peonies (a type of herbaceous) which might be considered a 'species' peony, something I just discovered this week. Peony's Envy, a grower in New Jersey that specializes in peonies, was the vendor we encountered at the Cincinnati show.
We spent some time talking with Kathleen Gagan, the owner, and came away with some valuable information about growing peonies.

We also each walked away with a little black bag. Mom got a tree peony for the Smiley Park Children's Garden, Kara got an herbaceous peony, and I got an herbaceous single ('Moonlit Purple Lotus').

Peony's Envy
is the second largest peony retailer in the U.S. and we know why. When you have an excellent product and provide service with a smile, that's what happens. From May 1 through June 15, you can visit their display gardens and nursery near Bernardsville, New Jersey. You can also order online from their


Unknown said...

Peonies are on my top 10 list for sure. I just love the scent and size of there blooms. I especially love the Itoh a Jap. Tree Peonies.

Louise Hartwig said...

Talked to Kathleen again this week at the Philly show. Again she let me choose a peony. Kathleen as I said, come to my town, and be my guest. It is a nice little home town. I will check out the Peony festival dates and let you know. Thank you for the lovely Peony.

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