Monday, April 5, 2010

Didn't Get an EarthBox® the Last Time? WIN ONE!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the EarthBox® that my mom gave me and at that time, I offered a 15% discount on it when it was purchased through my OpenSky shop. Several of you took great advantage of that awesome discount, but some of you may have missed it.  Generally, any discounts only run for one week.

Well, here's your chance to get one for FREE!  I'm not kidding.  One lucky reader will WIN an EarthBox®.  The winner is generated at random and will find out within five minutes of entering.  Everyone else who enters will receive a coupon good for 10% off any purchase in my OpenSky shop.  The coupon will expire on Monday, April 12, 2010 at midnight, EDT, so be sure to use it right away.

If you're not familiar with the EarthBox®, it's a compact growing system that allows you to grow a fair volume of herbs, vegetable, fruits or flowers in a relatively small space. For more information about it, please see my post about it here.

I've not yet planted mine, but the time is getting near when I will be.  I've decided to grow cucumbers in it, since I can't seem to grow them in the garden very well.  Everyone I've ever talked to that has an EarthBox® loves it, so I'm looking forward to having great cucumbers later this summer!

So how do you enter?  Click through this link and enter your e-mail address. It's that simple.  Even if you don't win one (a $46 value), you'll get the coupon for 10% off anything in the shop, through next Monday, April 12, 2010.

To visit my OpenSky shop to see what else I have, click the OpenSky logo below.

I've got other awesome gardening items there, such as the Cobrahead Cultivator and WeederFiskars Bypass Lopper PowerGear, Kangaroo Gardening Container, WheelEasy LE Garden Cart, Kombi Pro-Series Garden Shovel, and a Mason Bee House.  In all, there are 31 items that I personally chose, and for one week, you'll be able to get 10% off any and all of them, when you enter the giveaway.

GOOD LUCK to all who enter! If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment to this post and I'll do my best to answer them!


Tweet by Jennah, who ordered an EarthBox through my shop last month:

"Came home to a message from OpenSky thanking me and making sure my order went OK. Great customer service!"

Thank YOU, Jennah!



Unknown said...

Sigh. I don't get to win anything like this. But I'll leave a comment anyway just to amuse us both. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool. I've seen them in my gardening magazine. I suppose that would look nicer than the beds I built, but they work pretty much the same way.

lisa said...

That's a pretty good price, most I've seen are listed for well over $50. I just got one this year and I'm dying to use it, but I'm going to the link to try and win another! :)

Kylee Baumle said...

jodi ~ I feel bad that you can't win this. But thank you for visiting, friend! Easter was great! I hope yours was the same. *hugs*

Cinj ~ Anything that makes gardening easier is good in my book! I love to garden, but want to work smarter, not harder! :-)

lisa ~ Yes, it's a great price, especially with the 10% discount. Or FREE is even better! Good luck!

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