Monday, August 30, 2010

Something New with Horticulture Magazine

Last week, Horticulture magazine unveiled their newly-redesigned website. I love Horticulture magazine.  It was the first gardening magazine I ever read or subscribed to - in 2005, I believe.  I've been a subscriber ever since.

There are other wonderful gardening publications in print and I subscribe to a couple of those, too. But Horticulture is special, for a few reasons:

  • Your "first" is always special.
  • It appeals to the novice gardener, yet holds enough challenge for the advanced.
  • I love that it's been in print since 1904.  It has history.
  • It's headquartered in my home state of Ohio, located just a couple of hours down the road  in Cincinnati.
  • I know a couple of people that work at Horticulture and I love their passion and love for what they do there.
  • They offer DVDs for sale, containing all of the articles published since 1987. 
  • Kiss My Aster

And now there's one more reason it's special (to me). Earlier this month, they named me the Book Review Editor.  I'm absolutely delighted and thrilled to be doing garden book reviews for their site.  You can find them here.


    Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

    What you said, Kylee, plus, I'm going to have a little contribution to their December/January special double edition.

    Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

    Congrats Kylee!

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