Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chris Tidrick, Gardener and Photographer

Several weeks ago, fellow garden blogger Chris Tidrick had a contest and the prize was a print from his extensive photo library. Guess who won? I was allowed to choose a print from the many he has for sale in his From the Soil store.

Since I saw the Buckeye butterfly in my own garden for the first time this summer, I chose one of his stunning photos of it:

You can follow Chris on his blog, From the Soil, and on Twitter. He's on Facebook too at From the Soil. You'll love his insights and seeing the world through the lens of his camera.

Thanks, Chris!


Lona said...

Congrats on winning the beautiful picture Kylee. I have yet to spot one of the Buckeye butterflies here. They are so pretty.

Kylee Baumle said...

Hi Lona! I had not seen a single Buckeye before this year, but now I see them all the time! They're still around here now and I'm wondering when they'll disappear for the season.

Did you get my message that I received the seeds? Thanks so much for remembering to send them! I appreciate it! Now...was I supposed to send some to you? My brain is falling out, I think. LOL.

garden girl said...

Congratulations Kylee! (very nice photo Chris!)

~fer said...

That is a great photo. The butterfly "eyes" look amazing

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