Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners (including a chance to win one!)

Perhaps your Christmas gifts are all purchased and wrapped and sitting under the tree. (Mine aren't.) Maybe your greeting cards are signed, sealed, and delivered. (I didn't send any.) And the stocking stuffers are ready to be tucked into those oversized socks, right? What? You forgot about the stocking stuffers?

In case you need suggestions for those of your friends and family that are of the gardening persuasion, I suggest these:

  • Mitten gloves - As a garden photographer, I use these all the time in the winter. I find that wearing regular gloves or mittens makes it difficult for me to get a good handle on my camera's controls.  Mitten gloves are fingerless gloves with a mitten "cap" that can be flipped back to expose your fingers, allowing you to have a better feel for certain tasks, such as photography or cell phone texting. There are several companies that make them. These Land's End mitten gloves come in several colors. Prices vary.

  • Snap 'n' Shape Heart Molds - This is a fun one! Just snap these on your cherry tomatoes while they're still small and green and let them grow inside the heart-shaped mold. When it starts to turn red, take the mold off and let it ripen fully. Voila! Heart-shaped tomatoes! Works for cherry peppers, too. A package of five costs $9.99.

  • Compact pruners - I have a few pruners that I like equally well, but my current pruners of choice are the ones I received at GWA in Dallas this past September from Dramm - Compact Pruner Model 10814. I've got smallish hands and these fit just right. They're good quality pruners and they come in six brilliant colors!

  • Shrub Cover - Another GWA Dallas acquisition, I like this bag called ShrubGuard by Plumstone for covering tender shrubs. Plants lose a lot of moisture during winter because of the harsh winds, not to mention the problems hungry deer and rabbits can cause.

    I put mine over my azalea shrub, since it's been an iffy plant for me, and I've lost a few during their first winter. Last year, I bought some burlap and used it to cover the azalea. In the spring, I had the most amazing show of blooms, many more than in the previous year after it not being covered by anything. This pre-made bag makes it easier and it looks nice, too. Cost is $9.99 to $11.99, depending on size.
  • Moo Poo Tea - Organic manure compost tea is a wonderful, natural way to feed your plants and condition your soil, both in the garden and in your container plantings. Haven Brew offers a 3-pack of alfalfa (for roses), cow, or horse manure teas, or an assortment of all three costs $12.95.

  • Corn squirrel feeder - Many people have problems with the squirrels digging up their bulbs or plants, and eating from the bird feeders. One way of discouraging them is to give them their own feeder. We use this spiral feeder, which holds an ear of corn. Our squirrels tend to stay in the corner of the yard where this feeder is. Of course, our many outside cats might be somewhat of a deterrent for coming closer, too. Priced at $7-8.
  • Garden-themed Ornaments - Hallmark has a series of garden tree ornaments by Marjolein Bastin, that wonderful Dutch artist. This year's ornament, called "Season of Beauty" is $14.95 and features a sled with a wreath, a basket, and garden gloves.

  • Botanical Coasters - There is a wide assortment of coaster sets with a botanical theme. I personally like these, available at

  • The Cinch Plant Hanger - I received one of these in Dallas at the GWA annual symposium. I loved the idea of it and when I tried it on my own hanging pot, it worked like a charm! It doesn't matter the size or the shape of the pot either. Holds up to 25 pounds. I love this and would like to find another one or two of them in my own stocking! List price is $9.99.

  • Corona Tools Sharpening Tool - This is such a handy little tool! Of course, you can sharpen your garden tools with it, but it works for sharpening other blades, too. It's small and easy to handle. Priced right at $10.99.

  • Garden Plant Tags - These are beautiful plant tags made by Allsop that will dress up an indoor container planting. Of course, you can use them outside in the garden, but my personal experience with them is that they turn yellow as they age. They're so pretty, I think they really are shown off to their best inside the house. They come in two designs - herbal and botanical - and sell for $16.00 at AHA Modern Living (which has many other wonderful items!).

  • Garden Magazine Subscription - There are so many wonderful garden magazines, chock full of ideas and information, it's hard to choose just one to give as a gift. My personal favorites are: Horticulture, Fine Gardening, Garden Design, Birds and Blooms, and Organic Gardening.
  • Gift Cards - When all else fails, you can always give gift cards. Don't know which companies gardeners like? Several of the companies mentioned above offer gift cards, or a gift card from any one of the following will make a gardener smile:  Ethel Gloves, Botanical Interests, Garden Shoes Online, H. Potter, and of course, for those wonderful gardening books!

For more information about Ohio Gardener, or to
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Cassie said...

I hope for the loosely related gardening item(s) of Ball Jars. I'm hoping to save some of the produce I had to compost last season.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win any of the great garden items. The gloves and pruners would be so needed. The ornament is darling!

Lona said...

Hi Kylee. I have been hearing about the Moo Poo tea and it is getting some good reports. Those gloves are just the thing for us picture snapping gardeners. LOL! I have never saw the heart shaped tomato thingy. Sort of on the principle of the square watermelons.
How you must love your new conservatory. I am so jealous girl. LOL!
Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas if I do not get back to you.

Carolyn Binder said...

Hi Kaylee: What a wonderful list of gardening gifts. I would love any one of them, but I think my favorite one is the beautiful plant markers. Love them!

Merry Christmas!


That Bloomin' Garden said...

I love the heart shaped mold. The children at the school garden would have fun with that. what a wonderful post Kylee!

Anonymous said...

I want them all, after all its Christmas, and I believe in Santa Claus.

Garden Lily said...

Lots of great ideas. I like the heart-shaped molds for the tomatoes.

Darla said...

I too have been reading about the Moo Poo and would love to try it.

Cathy said...

I REALLY need some new pruners. Or maybe I should try to sharpen some of the old ones??

Gary said...

Hi Kylee;

I believe for me,

To see under my Yule tide tree,

It would have to be,

The moo poo tea!

Don’t forget to enter me in the drawing for the Ohio Gardener Subscription!

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas,

Kylee Baumle said...

Just a reminder... If you comment as "Anonymous" you need to also include your name and/or e-mail address so that I can contact the proper person if you win!

Megan Fae said...

I'd be hoping for the plant hanger or the thing that makes plants heart-shaped for my Mom. My Dad died this summer, and she has been very sad. Her garden seems to take her mind off of her grief, and I would definitely give anything I won to her! :-)

Fred Hoffman said...

I have a pair of those Dramm pruners; they are impressive! I'm going to have to ask Santa for that Corona sharpener.

Anonymous said...

I like gardening magazines jinijose_v@yahoo. Com

Anonymous said...

I like gardening magazines jinijose_v@yahoo. Com

Anonymous said...

The plant nerd in me says I have to choose the magazine as the one I would most like to receive! Thanks, flower_crazy_(Suzanne)

Anonymous said...

The plant nerd in me says I have to choose the magazine as the one I would most like to receive! Thanks, flower_crazy_(Suzanne)

Rose said...

Oh, I wish Santa would read this post for ideas to fill MY stocking! The mitten gloves would have been great yesterday as I took photos of our frosty trees--I came in with numb hands:) But I'm most intrigued by the shrub covers. I would love to grow azaleas, but I don't think they would survive a harsh winter like the one we're having this year. These covers sound like a great way to protect them.

My family isn't much into gardening, so my gift suggestions usually fall on deaf ears, but I'd be thrilled to get a gift certificate to my favorite nursery.

Hope Santa brings you lots of garden goodies, Kylee, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Vagablonde said...

Great ideas Kylee... Thanks for sharing them with us

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Kylee;
What a great list of goodies! Hmmm... now how do I get them added to my hopeful list for the stocking?

I own many pairs of those mitten gloves. Aren't they great? My friends and I have found them to be perfect for winter horseback riding.

Merry Christmas!

Kylee Baumle said...

Thank you to all who commented with their Christmas wishes! The winner of the Ohio Gardener subscription is...


Lucky for you, Gary, that I remembered to enter you! ;-)


Kylee Baumle said...

Gary, would you please e-mail your address to me so that I can forward it to Ohio Gardener? Thanks!

Jennah Watters said...

Love that plant hanger! We're getting new furniture and I will lose some plant storage, and I kind of like that thing. Seems to just disappear instead of looking tacky.

I second your opinion on the Allsop plant tags. They are gorgeous and sturdy, but they do yellow outdoors.

Last year for xmas I got a garden cart that I LOVE, and this year I got the hori hori I've been wanting. Yay for gardening gifts!

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