Friday, March 18, 2011

'Coon Up a Tree!

Yesterday, Romie was looking out the back door and exclaimed, "We've got a 'coon up in the big oak tree!" Now with the peacock a few years back and the pig just a few weeks ago, nothing surprises me here anymore.

Raccoons are plentiful, and we don't really like to see them, since our vet says they are one of the largest carriers of rabies in our area. They're also mostly nocturnal, so seeing one in the middle of the day this close to the house, in a tree that is a favorite climbing haunt of our cats is alarming.

I grabbed my camera (as usual) and went to the window to see. There it was, ringed tail hanging down. I needed to get a closer look and wanted to scare it away and out of our yard.

When I went outside, I noticed the neighbor had their dog Lucy on a leash, conducting a training session with her and the new invisible fence they'd installed. That kind of explained the raccoon up the tree.

But when I went around to the other side of the tree to get a look at the front side, it wasn't a 'coon at all. It was dear, sweet Lily. Lily isn't a fan of Lucy's, and will go up a tree anytime she gets close.

It was a simple case of mistaken identity, and a reminder that sometimes things are not as they seem.


commonweeder said...

I haven't ever had a coon up a tree, but I did have a coon nearly over the chicken yard fence - during the day - once. Fortunately my 5 year old grandson with really sharp eyes saw it in time. We both screamed as loud as we could to scare it away. The next day we caught it in a trap because it was determined on a chicken dinner.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Ha, I thought as much. Do you know that's how the Maine Coon cat got its name? people thought it was a cross between a raccoon and a cat because of its bushy tail.

On Bliss there's also a faux raccoon up a tree, a banana tree. :-)

Garden Hoard said...

haha - we have a main coon (cat) and his tail looks just like a raccoon. I see how you could mix them up by looking from the back! :)

Kylee Baumle said...

commonweeder ~ Yikes! Glad the coon didn't have your chickens! I'd love to have a few chickens here, but I can't seem to convince my husband.

Yolanda Elizabet ~ Yes, as you know, we have an "alley coon" in Simon. :-) Love your banana tree! I really need to sit myself down and catch up with you! So wonderful to "hear" your voice!

Garden Hoard ~ We too have a Maine Coon cat. Simon is inside only. Can you imagine that fur outside? We have a hard enough time keeping it from getting matted inside. Simon weighed 17 pounds at his last vet's appointment, but he looks bigger because of all his fur!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lily is as beautiful as her name. Funny that she was mistaken as a coon. She is well camoflaged for outdoors.

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