Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Golden Hour

Photographers know that there are certain times of the day when the lighting is better than others for capturing a scene. The soft light in the early morning hours is one, but for pure drama, it's hard to beat what others and I call "The Golden Hour."

In the last hour of the day when the sun is still visible in the sky, it can cast its light at such an angle and with such intensity that colors are super-saturated and objects have a glow about them. This evening held just such a time.

The entire day was wrought with volatile weather. My cell phone was buzzing with alerts and I was dodging severe thunderstorms, doing what little outside work I could do. The gardens are a soggy mess, while the things growing in them have created a jungle. Those things don't include vegetables, because we've never dried out enough this spring to plant much.

Looking north, as I stood in the road in front of our house. Severe
thunderstorms and tornado warnings have ruled the day.

About an hour before sunset, the sun actually made an appearance, and how! With a light rain still falling from the sky, the sun flooded Our Little Acre with its magical light.

The Golden Hour indeed...

The sun lit everything up for a bit, before the next storm began

Peering at the sun through Penisetum 'Fireworks', in the flower boxes

Max is 'golden' at any time of the day, but never more so than during
The Golden Hour.

Looking west from the front porch


Unknown said...

stay safe : )

Ferdi Nel said...

Stunning pics. The lighting does have a dramatic effect on your pictures.

Douglas E. Welch said...

Great photos. Sort of miss the weather....sort of.

I have the WeatherRadip app set up on my iPhone for both here in LA and New London. It has gone off every day since I installed it with severe weather in Ohio. Keeping tabs on my parents a little better in that regard.

Keep sharing, It is more info than I get from my family back there. (LAUGH)

Unknown said...

Kylee -- this post was a joy.

Darla said...

Golden hour indeed. Sorry about your severe weather. I hope the sunshine warms your heart and face soon.

Unknown said...

Stay safe! Such stunning photos.

Sweet Life Garden said...

Beautiful photography, takes me to the scripture... peace, be still.
Stay safe and dry! j

Wendy said...

I hear someone yelling "Auntie Em, Auntie Em". :-) I love a good thunderstorm.

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