Monday, December 5, 2011

Fields & Lane Gloves - A Review and Giveaway!

I used to be one of those people who dug right in and worked about in my garden, sans gloves. At the end of the day, my hands would be dry, my fingernails packed with dirt (no shame in that, though), and I’d have a few scrapes on my knuckles. Romie would berate me, saying, “Why don’t you wear your gloves??”

After a few times with sore hands, I finally got smart and did the glove thing. Besides, we’ve got cats and you know what “cats + dirt” equals. Now gloves are a valuable gardening tool for me and I’m a staunch advocate of wearing them. I’ve got a couple of brands that I especially like and now I’ve got another one.

When Fields & Lane contacted me about trying out a pair of their leather gloves, my first reaction was, “Sure!” Then I visited their website, because to be honest, I’d never heard of them before. The first thing I do when checking out a company is to read their About Us page. Before I tell you how I liked their gloves, let me tell you about the company.

Fields & Lane

They’re a family-owned business in Oregon, with the factory that makes these gloves (from U.S. materials) in Costa Rica. Not only do they provide a quality work environment for their employees there, but they’re also committed to helping special needs individuals through their donations to organizations in both the U.S. and Costa Rica.

They set up the Bonnie Jean Laughlin Foundation in 1998, named for their daughter, who had cerebral palsy and they donated thousands of gloves to workers after 9/11 and the earthquake in Haiti. This is a company that cares.

What about the gloves?

I tested The Forester, which is a partially-lined leather glove. They feel wonderful because they’re made from goatskin. Super soft, yet extremely durable, these gloves will go the distance. No, I haven’t had time to wear them out, but as someone who has used many, many different gloves over the last few years, I can spot quality.

The Forester

Goatskin is known for its durability, yet it doesn’t dry out or crack when it gets wet (after it dries). This is important for a gardening glove, since they can get muddy and wet as you use them, and they’ll need to be cleaned from time to time. (They recommend spot cleaning.)

One of the things that has consistently been irritating (in several ways) when I’ve worn some other gloves is the seaming. Some of them have the seams in the fingers placed right where they either rub in a bad spot or they’re in a place where it affects my tactile sense. But not the Fields and Lane gloves. Ideally, a glove would have no seams, but that’s not possible in a leather glove and the seams are in a good place on The Forester.

These gloves are lined on the palm side with a soft, slightly fuzzy polyester (87% recycled), nylon, and spandex fabric that provides some warmth and comfort. The back of the glove has a narrow gusset across the back of the hand with stretchy fabric that allows for flex as you grip your gardening tools.


I normally wear a size small in gloves, but the website has a size chart and when I measured my hand, it fell at the high end of small and low end of medium. I chose the medium, because they were leather and leather doesn’t give quite as much as fabric. When I first put them on, I thought they were the perfect size, but as I wore them and used them, I kind of wish I’d chosen the small. The leather gives more than I expected (though it doesn’t stretch out) and it starts to shape to your hand. They were still pretty comfortable to use though.

Using the gloves

I still hadn’t pruned my roses for winter, so I took advantage of the relatively nice day we had on Sunday, and did that. These gloves worked great – no thorny pricks for me!

I also needed to lay some mulch around the base of the roses as well as other plants, in preparation for winter’s cold, and though they got pretty dirty, they proved easy enough to clean. Once they dried and I put my hands into them again, the gloves were still supple.

The bottom line

The Flex
I like these gloves. They aren’t as bulky as some leather gloves I've tried and I feel like I could do just about any garden chore with them, except for weeding. I’ll always use the thinnest glove I can find for that. The company makes other gardening gloves too, and from the description, it looks like The Flex would work well for that (as well as other tasks). It still has the durability of goatskin, while being a lighter weight glove.

Now for the giveaway!!!

GUESS WHAT? Fields & Lane is allowing me to give away a prize package consisting of TWO pairs of their gloves! One lucky reader will receive one pair of The Forester and one pair of The Flex in the size of their choice. The Forester comes in men's sizes, too.

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Leave a comment to this blog post, telling me if you’re a faithful glove user or not.
  • Enter your information on the Rafflecopter form.   
  • Sign up for the Fields & Lane newsletter via their Facebook page

Do so by midnight, Sunday, December 11, 2011. Good luck!

WINNER!! has chosen a winner, and it's Rebecca Burlingham! Congratulations, Rebecca! Enjoy your Fields & Lane gloves!

*Fields & Lane provided me with The Forester gloves, as well as compensation for my review. That said, they wanted my honest opinion of their gloves, and as always, that’s what you get here at Our Little Acre.


NHGarden said...

I do use gloves. I go through so many pairs!!

Jennie said...

I've tried to use gloves, but I tend to buy cheap ones and end up with all those problems you describe. Maybe I'll have to break down and get a good pair.

Sue Ellen said...

I always wear gloves when I garden. I really like leather gloves when working with the roses.

Sue Ellen

Deb said...

I don't usually wear gloves for reg. gardening but these sound wonderful.

Jennifer said...

I do wear gloves....I don't mind dirty fingernails except how long it takes to clean them!! But I do forget on occasion. :) My two little ones even have their own pairs.

Jenny said...

Yes, I wear gloves when I garden. I do ramble through every day & pull weeds but when I have serious work to do I always wear gloves.

beachgrl said...

I try real hard to wear gloves. I have them placed near the front door, the back door, at my potting bench. I still find that I will stick my hands in the soil because I cannot walk around my yard without finding something to pull up and I don't have my gloves on me.

Karen Jacobs said...

I use gloves when working with thorns, bricks and other destructive materials. If I could find a pair that allowed fine motor skills, I would avoid that dirty cuticle look.

Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

When your in my line of work Ranching and harvesting 100% natural Soil nutrients for gardens everywhere Glove of this quality are always needed *<|};-)

Rebecca said...

I would love to try these gloves. I wear out my gloves on a regular basis. Funny, I never lose the ones with the holes in the fingers.
Rebecca -

Lona said...

I was exactly like you Kylee not wearing gloves while gardening. My poor fingernails were a mess from spring till winter. LOL! I wear them now most of the time after getting an infection from a rose thorn. I have to really watch myself from not just digging in without them though. Old dog, new tricks syndrome. LOL!

Quiltinstampkat said...

Wearing gloves is a excellent way to protect your hand while working in the garden. Before my hands would break out with skin rash..I was even bitten by a spider. I always try to have them on. Have yet to find a pair I feel truly comfortable in.

World Wear said...

Very nice leather Gloves

Kylee Baumle said...

Thanks, everyone for entering the giveaway. We have a winner! It's Rebecca! CONGRATULATIONS! I've sent an email to you regarding your prize. :-)

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