Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Trials at Proven Winners West

During Spring Trials, various growers showcase their plants at locations up and down the California coast. Buyers come to see what they've got and make decisions on what they'll choose to carry. They get to see what's new and what's been improved upon in plants already on the market.

The white greenhouses are Euro-American/Proven Winners near Bonsall, CA.

I've spent the last two days at Proven Winners' western growing facility (Euro-American) near Bonsall, California (about an hour north of San Diego), touring the different areas where those beautiful plants get their start. More on that later, but for now I'll share some of the eye candy that PW laid out before us so we could see what's in the works for your home gardens. I think you'll like it!

At Proven Winners, a large display garden is the first thing you see when you enter the show area. It's an incredible explosion of color...

Big pots - a trend I've seen at garden shows - showed up here, too.

Annual containers

The perennial showcase

That's the overall view. In the next few weeks, I'll give a closer look at some of the individual plants that will be coming your way. Some will be available this year, and some won't be seen in your garden centers until next year, but it's all good! I've got some favorites picked out already that are going on my shopping list.

Proven Winners provided my transportation, hotel, and meals for my trip to California to see their Spring Trials presentation. My observations and comments are strictly my own; I was not asked nor required to say anything specific regarding my experience.


RobinL said...

What a priviledge you've had to visit those Proven Winner gardens! Everything looks beautiful indeed.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kaylee, Eye candy ideed! It must have been wonderful to get such a colorful preview of all that is coming our way.
Congratulations on being the winner of my book draw! The book will be coming direct from the publisher. Can you please email me your address so we can get Terrarium Craft out to you in the mail. You can reach me at jenc_art@hotmail.com.

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