Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hannah is Here!

It's been nine long months, and none so long as the last one, but Little Miss Hannah Elizabeth has finally arrived! I wrote about her impending birth a few months back; she's the firstborn of our younger daughter, Jenna, and is our first grandchild.

Hannah Elizabeth
Born September 26, 2012
7 lbs. 14 oz.
22½ inches

My husband, our other daughter Kara, and I were with Jenna and Joe throughout the entire day Wednesday, except for the actual birth, and it was both nerve-wracking and ecstatically joyful at the same time. Mother and baby are doing fine, and I've been staying with them to help out for a few days, ever since they got home on late Friday afternoon.

I'm already loving being a grandma! This is me holding her shortly after
her birth.

Hannah's middle name is for my grandma, whose middle name is also Elizabeth. Grandma will be 98 the day after Christmas and yes, that means we have five generations. We want to get a photo of all five sometime this week.

Hannah, at three days old, snuggling with me.

An interesting and quirky thing has been happening the last couple of days, on Facebook. I posted a photo of Hannah on my Our Little Acre page there. Through some twisted turn of fate, the photo has gotten 545 Likes as of Sunday night, and 251 comments, some of which are intended for us and some which clearly are not. Nearly all of them have proclaimed Hannah to be a beautiful baby, and we wholeheartedly agree! This makes us smile. :-)

But these have made us laugh...

I've been called many things in my life. Mostly Kylee. But never Becky, Kathleen, Carolyn, Donna, Ulla, Sam, Ellie, Debbie, Cherrie, Anne, Cathy, Midge, and certainly not Ron.

Now THERE's a cool name. Fiona. I kind of like that. Maybe I'll change my name to Fiona. But I am NOT sleeping with Grandpa John.

Niki must have good genes.

Yeah, there's probably someone in our ancestry named Ann. You're very perceptive!

There's two??  They must have forgotten to bring one home.  Oops.

I have a son???  What's his name? I seem to have forgotten.

Tim! Is that his name?

Tim, perhaps?

Our family tree is getting bigger by the hour.

Shhhhh... No one was supposed to see that.  But don't worry. I won't have to do that now.

Last I checked, I was a GRANDMA, but I'll look again. And wow, Ted, I'll bet Christmas gets expensive for you, doesn't it?

I think we should get to know you better before we let her go on play dates.

I hope you get to see Trudy soon.

Well, maybe that's because she's American. But there's German and Belgian in her. That's close, right?

Hannah, age 4 days

UPDATE: 2 October 2012

Wow. Just 48 hours later, Hannah's "sleepy" picture has officially gone viral

Her daddy, who doesn't "do" Facebook, just shook his head when we shared what's going on there and said, "So do I need to get Hannah an agent?" LOL.

Apparently, when you post a photo of a beautiful baby (and that's something that everyone who comments seems to agree on),  it's like the internets get sprinkled with magical fairy dust. We're calling it "The Hannah Effect."

More funny comments:

 It's hair, people, not fur.

You aren't the only one.

Are you buying?

You and 2,486 other people.

Nope, and she wasn't made there either.


I think.

Neither can we.


LINDA'S said...

welcome Miss Hannah Elizabeth
to this lovely place

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congrats once again Kylee. She is just beautiful. All that hair! Can't wait to see that 5 Generation picture. You are mightly blessed.

Unknown said...

She is just darling! I'm having baby cravings every time I see her sweet picture! I wonder what in the world happened with FB? How funny. And how incredibly special to have five generations together--that will be a photo Hannah will always cherish. Much happiness to your family!

Rose said...

Congratulations, Kylee! She is beautiful! There's nothing like being a grandma, and I know you are going to love every moment with her. My grandfather was 100 years old when my second grandchild was born; the photo of our 5 generations is one I treasure.

Chuckled at all your responses to Facebook; that is just weird:)

Karen said...

She is just so beautiful, Kylee! Congratulations to your whole family! : )

Geri said...

She is a little sweetheart and look at all that hair!
Congratulations to all of you!!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That is hysterical, Susie, I mean Julie, or is it Linda! I can see why little Miss Hannah is getting so much attention,she is absolutely beautiful with quite the head full of hair. She is blessed to have you for a grandma, Ann! :-)

Wendy said...

That is hilarious!!! And yes, a gorgeous little baby - a baby of the world!

nicole said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby-and I love her name too!! You will love being a grandmother-grandkids are the best!!!

nicole said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby-and I love her name too!! You will love being a grandma-grandkids are the best!!! Also, can't wait to see the picture with 5 generations!

kmdubow said...

oh my god Im dying!!!!

Dave@GrowingTheHomeGarden said...

That is hilarious! She's a cute one Kylee! Her hair reminds us of our first, Grace. Or should I have called it fur? ;) Hannah sure is popular already!

Modern Mia said...

She's beautiful! Congrats!

**I've got tears rolling down my face while trying desperately not to wake my 4 kids with my laughter. The responses are hysterical.**

Kylee Baumle said...

Linda ~ Thank you for welcoming Hannah! :-)

Lisa ~ Thanks, Lisa! We're hoping to get that photo by the weekend. And yes, VERY blessed, indeed!

Julie ~ Thank you, Julie! I'm so happy I got to spend her first days with her and her parents. This Facebook thing has been pretty incredible. Very funny!

Rose ~ Sooo cool that you had five generations, too! When Jenna and Kara were born, we were able to get five generations photos with both of them and now little Hannah will have that too. :-) Yeah, Facebook can be weird sometimes! But we're laughing about it!

Karen ~ Thank you so much, Karen!

Geri ~ Thank you! And that hair...I KNOW!

Robin ~ I'm not sure what my name is anymore! LOL! But I'm the lucky grandma, of THAT I'm positive! ;-)

Wendy ~ Thanks, Wendy! Won't this be fun to share with her later in life? LOL.

Nicole ~ Thank you, Nicole!

Katie ~ We're laughing pretty hard here, too! We sure never expected this! LOL! See you soon!

Dave ~ Isn't this just crazy? We're having a good time with it. Who could have guessed? :-)

Mia ~ Thank you! I totally understand about the laughing! The first night we realized what was happening, Jenna and I were laughing pretty hard, too! It's been fun. ;-)

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

This is so weird! Nonetheless, she is gorgeous and I'm so happy for you and your family KYLEE!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has the same name& birthdate,1990.

Anonymous said...

i got to your fB page and blog becuase a friend from my hometown in massachusetts shared the picture of beautiful Hannah! and that she is! she might need an agent!! congratulations -- and although i live in Richmond Va, i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I also saw your picture of Hannah on a friends FB page. My daughter and I have had tears running down our faces reading your blog. I don't know you but I really enjoy your comments. In any event, you do have a stunningly beautiful little granddaughter!! Congratulations to all five generations . . . she's a keeper for sure!!

KB said...

Oh my goodness. I needed that laugh. Oh, and do make sure that son you didn't know you had 'be wrapping up his stuff'. ROTFL.

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