Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beyoncé, There's a New 'Roo in Town!

After many Thoughts and Deliberations, Romie and I have decided on a name for "Not Dennis," the Giant Metal Chicken that arrived at our house about a month ago. We solicited suggestions for a name via this blog,'s not just every day that a Giant Metal Chicken becomes part of the family.

We considered Cornelius and we liked that a lot. Lindbergh seemed like a real possibility; we even thought we could call him "Lucky Lindy" as a nickname. Gus was in the running, too.

But when I was doing a roll call of the names for one final time, Romie declared his final choice for the name and I wasn't surprised in the least. It just makes sense, especially for Romie.

Hawkeye Pierce, played by
Alan Alda, from CBS
Television [Public domain]
via Wikimedia Commons

This man watches reruns of Mash every time he gets the chance. It's one of his favorite shows, so when he said "Not Dennis" should have the name of Hawkeye, I agreed. After all, he's out there keeping an eye out for hawks, right?

Perfect. Hawkeye, it is.

Thanks to rika for the name suggestion. Thanks to Zaer Ltd. International for sending Hawkeye to watch over our flock by night (day, too). And thanks to Storey Publishing and Timber Press for providing the great books as prizes.


Don't forget, if you want a Giant Metal Chicken of your own, you can order it directly from Zaer Ltd. International, the wholesale distributor, at a 10% discount, BUT you have to  mention that you read about it on my website to order directly and receive the discount They're making this available to you, dear readers, at a greatly reduced price of $184.50 (shipping is extra). To order, call 215-766-2010. (And no, I don't receive any kind of compensation for orders of "Dennis.")

Zaer Ltd. International kindly provided me with my Big Metal Chicken, free of charge, for which I will be eternally grateful. It's amazing how happy a Big Metal Chicken can make you when you see it in your yard.


Modern Mia said...

Great name! Just hope he doesn't do the funny dance Hawkeye did in one of the later episodes. That might freak out the neighbors.

Kylee Baumle said...

Modern Mia ~ I think he's already doing it. LOL

Unknown said...

Perfect name!

Unknown said...

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Anne said...

Given I live in a state obsessed with Hawkeyes, I must give you kudos for your stellar choice of names!

Anne from Iowa

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