Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Good Year for Roses

June is National Rose Month and we're celebrating in style here at Our Little Acre.  As anyone who grows roses knows, some years are better than others and more times that not, the good years are when we get plenty of spring rain.  This year was like that.

Last year wasn't good at all and I wondered how the roses would fare through a summer of drought, but they seem to have survived and look none the worse for wear.  In fact, they're outdoing themselves in their first flush of blooms.

'Nearly Wild'

'Memorial Day'

'Princess Anne'
(David Austin Rose)

'Ebb Tide'

'Glamis Castle'
(David Austin Rose)

'Topsy Turvy'


'Cinco de Mayo'



'Hot Cocoa'

(David Austin Rose)


'Christopher Marlowe'
(David Austin Rose)

'Jubilee Celebration'
(David Austin Rose)

'Diana, Princess of Wales'

'Crown Princess Margareta'
(David Austin Rose)


'About Face'


The History of Joyce said...

If these are all in your yard...then you have a BEAUTIFUL yard!!!

A Growing Garden said...

WOW! Such beautiful roses! I'm VERY jealous :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful roses and such variety! I think I might have 6 roses in my yard but I am not a good rose grower, they don't look as fantastic as yours!

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