Saturday, August 3, 2013

A True Story About Cobrahead Weeders

Once upon a time, I got a Cobrahead weeder.  I don't remember exactly how I got it or when.  But I know I didn't have to pay for it.  They aren't expensive; I just was fortunate enough to come by one of these gratis, courtesy of the family-owned company. (Thank you, Cobrahead!)

It's a great little tool, especially for those of us who are so tempted to just use our hands when digging in the dirt.  Sometimes fingers work best.  This makes it even better, because it works like your fingers, except you don't ruin it by using it.  The rounded diamond-shaped bladed tip furrows its way through our clay soil better than any other tool I've used for tight spots and digging out deep-rooted weeds.  It's just right.

Recently, Romie and I worked on a project for Lowe's where we needed to dig a shallow trench in which to lay PVC pipe.  Romie made an initial swipe through the yard and then I followed up with my Cobrahead, deepening the trench.  It was great for the job.  Almost perfect.

Just as I was finishing up, Romie said to me, "That worked really well.  They should make that with a long handle so you wouldn't have to bend over to do that."  I replied, "They DO.  I just don't have one."

The very next weekend, I was in San Francisco for the Garden Bloggers Fling and we were sitting at the welcoming reception.  Fabulous prizes were being given out after everyone placed tickets that they'd been given (for free) when they arrived.

I leaned over to the person sitting next to me - Lucy Pelletier, daughter of Helen Battersby from Canada - and whispered, "There's just one thing I would love to win out of all those prizes."

"What's that?" Lucy said.

"That long-handled Cobrahead weeder."

Andrea Fox called out the numbers as she made her way through the many prizes so generously donated by sponsors.  Then it was time to give away the long-handled Cobrahead weeder.

Guess who won one?

That's right.  ME.  I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to call home to tell Romie that I'd won it.

It came this week.  Thank you, Cobrahead, for donating this as a prize and especially for making a superior product that every gardener should have in their tool shed - short-handled AND long-handled.  I am one happy girl.


Unknown said...

Oh, I'm so envious! I love, love my Cobrahead Weeder--I didn't realize you won the long handled version! Yay, you! I may have to suck it up and buy one soon. (I have two of the normal Cobraheads--one that I keep in the garage for the front gardens, and one in the big greenhouse to use in the kitchen garden.) Great product and wonderful company! Can't wait to see what projects you'll come up with for your new toy!

Ewa said...

ha ha !! - you are the lucky kid!
I think I remember how you got the very first one, because I have got it at the same time. That's the only product that a company from US was not afraid to send to Poland :)
And I admit - it's simple, but awesome tool.
I am havein a poll on my blog and I would be very happy if you would answer it. I link my name with the post.


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