Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fort Wayne (IN) Home & Garden Show 2014

Entrance designed by Arbor Farms
Nothing gets me more excited about the coming spring (on a cold and blustery day) than attending a home and garden show.  Mom and I go to the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show every year and this year we were there on opening day.

Though it was my intent to leave the show without any plants in tow, you know that just didn't happen.  What was I thinking? There are always a few vendors that I make a point of stopping by to see, because they always have something to tempt me.  I made a bee line to Country View Greenhouse's (near South Whitley, IN) space, but got sidetracked by Young's Greenhouse (Ft. Wayne), another favorite.

Young's had some nice bonsais at an attractive price, so I bought a twisty Zelkova.  Zelkova is a Japanese elm and a popular street tree due to their disease and pest resistance, including Dutch Elm disease and Elm leaf beetle. It can be kept inside, in a sunny location, where it would keep green leaves all year round, then moved outside in spring. It is hardy to our zone, so theoretically it could stay outside year round, but I will bring it in for winter.  I also bought a hanging red container to plant up for our kitchen window.

I then moved on to Country View Greenhouse, where I always enjoy conversing with owner Ryan Baker.  I like to give him a hard time about the beautiful display of perennials and shrubs that he always has that aren't for sale, but they absolutely are enticing enough for me to vow to make the hour-and-a-half journey to his greenhouse this year once spring gets here.

Begonia hybrid (probably 'Kit Kat')

Heuchera 'French Quarter'

Sorbaria and Heuchera 'Zipper'

Love the chicken coop and run in this miniature garden display
at Country View Greenhouse!

A primula jumped into my bag at the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory booth and a gorgeous striped bromeliad did the same thing at Vanroot Growers.  The homemade soaps at The Beehive caught my attention and I purchased a cake of lavender.

Vriesea sp. from Van Root Growers
Before I went to drool over the orchids on display at the Orchid Society's booth, I stopped to chat with the folks at the Gene Stratton-Porter Memorial Society booth.  There, I purchased some wisteria perfume, one of my very favorite scents from the garden.  The perfume was developed last year by Annie Oakley Perfumery, the only perfumery in the United States, located in Ligonier, Ind., in honor of the 150th year of Gene Stratton-Porter's birth.

I finished my garden part of the show by admiring the orchids, which are always stunning.  I never fail to be blown away by their beauty.

A quick run-through over at the home part of the show, which was in another exhibition hall, garnered some food purchases for an upcoming girls' night being held at our house:  salsa (raspberry, pineapple, and tropical fruit rum), beefstick, and some drink mixes. I also picked up some silicone covers for pots and dishes.

Unfortunately, the garden part of the show didn't really inspire me with any of the landscaping displays.  They were really non-existent.  There were fewer vendors in that part and some of the regular vendors had smaller booths.  Still, I managed to leave with my arms full of plants and products. (Big surprise, eh?)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

the miniature garden is sweet. Love all of the orchids too. How could you resist?

Colleen said...

What lovely, beautiful plants and I fell in love with that miniature garden......absolutely adorable

Unknown said...

I love the Heucheras! and that Sorbaria is been on my list for two years! I may go for it this spring! Orchids are splendid but frustrating for me because I don't know how to handle them and get them to re-bloom! I'll stick the the perennials and annuals for our 5b zone for now.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ The orchids always tempt me. To be honest, it's the trip from the Coliseum to the car that worries me with those. The weather seems to always be at its worst when this show is going on!

Colleen ~ That miniature garden caught my eye right away, too! I really love the little chicken coop and run!

Daniela ~ Sorbaria has been on my list for awhile, too! Maybe this will be the year here as well. Orchids can be finicky. I've had several rebloom, but to be honest, if you buy one that has just come into bloom, you know those will last for several months and if it never blooms again, the inexpensive ones make it worth the purchase anyway!

Commonweeder said...

I loved the miniature garden with the chicken coop. I haven't gone to any big garden shows this spring, but the 'bulb' shows at Smith College and Mt. Holyoke College are pretty fantastic.

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