Sunday, August 17, 2014

Do Not Disturb! And Other Marital Situations

When you've been married for 39 years like me, you know you'd never make it that long if you didn't learn to practice the art of compromise, right? Some things are worth fussing over and some just aren't.

I have been plotting the demise of some old Omaha Steaks styrofoam cooler boxes that have sat behind our pool house for a couple of years now. That entire area is a sore spot around here because it's an embarrassment to anyone who has to look at it.  Mainly me.

Oh look! The ASPCA actually advocates
using these for guess what?
Cats in winter.
These boxes were repurposed by my husband for use by the kitties in winter.  He cut an opening big enough for them to go into and then put some straw inside and voila! Makeshift kitty condo! Huh.

Granted, they probably kept a couple of kitties warm during winter, but if everyone can't have their own, what about the others? Oh...they already have a custom made wooden condo which my dad was kind to make and it's luxurious enough that everyone gets their own room, so why do we have to have those hillbilly habitats junking up the place? I say they go and hubby says they stay.

You get the picture. But good things come to those who wait...

About a week ago, I was trying to get that eyesore somewhat spiffed up because my friend Diana (of Sharing Nature's Garden) from Austin, Texas, was coming for a visit. I was working after dark by the light of the supermoon and I picked up a pallet and propped it up against the two stacked styrofoam boxes. I announced to my husband that I was going to toss them in the trash in the morning.

The next day, he apparently decided to give up the fight and dispose of them himself, narrowly avoiding a very unpleasant experience in the process. It seems that some yellowjackets (or hornets - we're not sure - they're very similar) had made a nest in one box and were beginning another nest in the other one. I'm going to guess they were asleep when I banged that pallet up against them the night before.

Wasp killer spray took care of the issue.  Yes, I know they're good insects in some respects, but with grandkids around and me already being allergic to bee stings, we just couldn't take the chance of anyone getting stung. But wow...what a beautiful and intricate abode this thing was.  Have a look...

For a great explanation of what's going on here, check this section on Wikipedia.

Look at that stinger!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I had never seen a working hornets nest opened before. They are a work of art.

Anonymous said...

That is one scary looking stinger! So glad that you didn't get stung.

Last year we had yellow jackets living in a hole in the ground by the corner of our house. Couldn't figure out where they were coming from for awhile. Every time my son or husband cut the grass or did the trimming they'd get bombarded and stung. Even the dog got stung once while out walking in the yard. Hubby finally found the nest and got rid of them.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ I'd never seen one in person before either! Very, very cool. Missed you at the Fling! Next year?

Susanne ~ Ugh. I've only ever been stung by a wasp once (well, three times at the same time, actually) and I'm not sure about those either, but we think they were yellowjackets. I had a little throat swelling then, but nothing life threatening. The next time might be worse though. I'm supposed to carry an Epi-pen, but it expired a long time ago and I never got it refilled. I really should do that.

Dani said...

Never been stung by a wasp - but a bee is bad enough LOL

Fascinating to see inside the nest - thank you.

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