Monday, October 1, 2007

The Rosehaven Cottage Rose Medallion for Excellence

Now this is a good way to start the week:

It is our honor to present you and your blog with "The Rosehaven Cottage Rose Medallion for Excellence". You have received this award of recognition for your excellence in blogging (click here for more information on the award). We, at Rosehaven Cottage, hope that you accept this award.

Thank you for your wonderful blog and sweet personality that shines through!

Cindy (and everyone) at Rosehaven Cottage

About a month ago, Cindy also presented me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award.

For this, she said,

Kylee at Our Little Acre--a wonderful writer, photographer, and gardener that has captured so much in her endearing blog that I wait with great anticipation for each new installment to brighten my day and inspire me.

Well. Who wouldn't love to have Cindy as their cheerleader? Thank you, Cindy. I'm humbled and pleased that you enjoy reading whatever it is I write here. And let me assure you the feeling is quite mutual. I've discovered some very talented and wonderful people through the world of blogging and you're one of them.

If none of you have yet had the pleasure of reading Cindy's blog, Rosehaven Cottage, get your browser over there and get in on the gardening eye candy and her tales of her beautiful cats. Cindy's zest for life shines through in her writings and you'll come away from there with a little more spring in your step.

Visit Rosehaven Cottage online


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Oh my goodness, Kylee... You are so sweet in this post! As usual, your kindness just gleams from your writing and now you've made my day (that wasn't supposed to happen--I was supposed to be making your day a little brighter). Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Kylee: I can't think of a more deserving recipient-- because your posts brighten the world around you and give us all such delight. And now I have yet another site to visit at Rosehaven!

Earth Girl said...

I totally agree with Cindy!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Congrats Kylee, a well deserved award! It's nice to get a little pat on the back every now and again, isn't it?

Sue Swift said...

Congratulations! And well deserved. You have a lovely blog.

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