Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dig This! We're Doing a Shovel Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about our new shovels, sent to me by Ames Tools to try out.  I loved them both and now Ames is letting me give one away to a lucky reader! You can read my thoughts on the two shovels here, but let's take a quick look at the facts:

Ames Long Wood Handle Round Point Shovel 

  • - Tempered steel blade for years of service 
  • - Suitable for digging, planting, cutting sod and small roots 
  • - Comfort step for secure foot placement 
  • - North American ash handle for strength and durability 
  • - 10-inch cushion grip for comfort and control 
  • - 15-year warranty


Razor-Back® Long Handle Super Socket Round Point Shovel

  • - Heavy gauge, tempered steel blade for maximum strength
  • - Suitable for digging, planting, cutting sod and small roots
  • - Extended socket length for maximum prying leverage and strength
  • - Contractor grade fiberglass handle for durability
  • - Large Power step for secure footing
  • - Lifetime warranty

Want one of these for your very own? Here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment to this blog post, telling me what digging challenges you face in your garden.

2. Fill out the Rafflecopter form with your contact information.

On Sunday night, July 27, 2014, just after midnight EDT, I will use Rafflecopter's nifty random winner picker and one lucky reader will win the shovel of their choice (choose either of the two featured here).  GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wordless Wednesday: All Hail the Queen!

Queen Anne's Lace 
Daucus carota var. carota
Zones 3-9
Full Sun to Part Shade
24-36" tall
Can cause dermatitis from handling
Noxious weed in some states, including Ohio

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Case of Mistaken Identity: Who's to Blame?

It can happen to anyone. You buy a plant, thinking you're getting one thing, only to find out later it wasn't what you thought it was.  Sometimes it's the bloom color that's a dead giveaway, and sometimes it's something else. I shop in all different places for my plants - Lowe's, Meijer, local and non-local IGCs, Walmart, and mail order nurseries. I've had this happen at least once with every one of them.

The latest incident happened just today. I stopped at Lowe's on my way home from babysitting for our adorable grandson, Anthony, to pick up a roll of landscape fabric.  We're redoing a stone path that has sunken down over the years and Romie wanted to put this under the gravel.

As I walked into the garden center, a red yarrow caught my eye.  I have been wanting a red one and I thought I'd get either 'Paprika' or 'Strawberry Seduction'.  I'd only seen 'Strawberry Seduction' in one place (a local IGC), but it was pretty small and I wanted a bigger pot. I'd had 'Paprika' several years ago and I liked it, but it somehow got destroyed by one project or another.

What I saw at Lowe's were two different yarrows:  Achillea millefolium 'New Vintage Red' and Achillea millefolium Song Siren 'Layla'.  The only difference I could see in the two was that 'Layla' was just a tad bit more true red and slightly shorter.  I doubt that most shoppers would even notice the difference as they were placed in the same location, mixed up together.

Does this look like violet to you?

'Layla' looked more like the shade of red I wanted, but the tag said its bloom was violet.  It sure didn't look violet to me, and when I asked the young man who checked me out what color he thought it was, he said, "Scarlet."  Precisely.  I bought three of them.

After I got home I planted them up and as I pushed them out of their black plastic nursery potS, I noticed the stickerS on each one said ACHILLEA SONG SIREN LAURA. 


Which is it?

I went ahead and planted them at the back of the fence, thinking these were going to be 20-22" tall at maturity.  After all, that's what the tag said they would be. I mulled around in my mind what might be the explanation for the discrepancy in the labeling - typo, wrong tag, wrong label on the pot itself...

When I got back in the house, I did a Google search to see if there was indeed an Achillea Song Siren 'Laura'.  Yup.  And guess what color 'Laura' is.  RED.  'Laura' also only has a height of 14-16".  So...good news on the color issue and bad news on the height.  I need to move it. I have a second spot where it will look nice, in front of the Sunjoy® Gold Pillar barberries, so tomorrow I'll put them there.

Now my questions are:

  • Who is responsible for the mislabeling? The grower? (In this case, Corso's.)  Lowe's?  
  • Who puts the removable tag into the pots before they're put on the retail benches for sale?  
  • Do I let Lowe's know that all their  Achillea millefolium Song Siren 'Layla' plants are actually 'Laura'?

So many questions...

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