Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Cats Have Their Say

The kitties here at Our Little Acre took me aside the other day for a chat. It was clear that they had a bone to pick with me and since they don't demand much, other than food, water, clean litter, and a scritch behind the ears now and then, I was happy to listen to what they had to say...

"You're always showing off your garden stuff, but what about us? We are as much a part of the gardens as the flowers. What about us, huh, what about us? You point that camera at us every now and then, and we pose all nicely and everything and then what do you do with our pictures?"

"Like the time Jack scared you half to death when you didn't know he was above you in the tree until he meowed..."

"Or when he tried to show off his balancing skills on the top of the garage screen door..."

"And then there was the time Jilly jumped into the plants on the shelf. She didn't even hurt a single one! You try doing that!"

"Remember when Luna heard the baby wrens peeping in the birdhouse at the top of the dead tree? He really thought he was going to get them. But he should have known you wouldn't let that happen.

"You thought it was so cute when Max fell asleep in your flower pot. He thought it was just the right cozy size for curling up for a nap."

"You know how Boo is always wanting in the house? (We'll let you in on a secret -we all do. It's 'cause you guys are in there.) He got tired of waiting to be let in and fell asleep on the mat. You thought that was adorable for some reason."

"We know you take lots of pictures of those inside cats. We know they think they're special because they get to stay inside, but we know better. Take Baby, for instance. She thinks she's your bayyy-beeee just 'cause that's her name. But we know she gets in trouble sometimes too, like when she jumped to the top of the curio cabinet and tried to get Kara's fish."

"Now Simon - oh Simon. He really is the King of the Castle. He's the biggest one around here and he has the most hair, too. His face looks like an owl and that's kind of scary to us cats. Owls eat us, you know. We don't think he'd do that, but you never know."

"Sunny feels kind of neglected - you really should take more pictures of him. He can't help it if he doesn't do cute stuff. He's a little shy."

"Then there's the new girl in town - Lola. We call her Miss Priss."

"She pranced in here all skinny and sleek and everything and you guys made such a fuss over her. She thinks she's number one around here, but what she doesn't know is that you only did for her what you did for all of us. You took us in, fed us, gave us a home and loved us. And that's why we love you back.
But you really should talk about us more on your blog."

"Oh, Lola said to ask, 'What's a blog?'"


Anonymous said...

I love your cats. Jack has attitude, Simon has spunk, Max is a cutie and your Jilly looks a lot like my Ash. They are all adorable and should be featured more often.

Zoë said...

Gosh, I though we were mad having 5 - I used to have 8 too, but poor long suffering OH has insisted I don't get any more.

They are very gorgeous and were quite right to point out your ommission, LOL

Best Wishes,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is wonderful to see all your kitties in the same post Kylee. It makes me realize how many cats you have. Isn't it funny that they all have their own personalities and you depict them very well.

Did you also notice that on the picture with Luna checking out the wren babies that there is another set of eyes on the right side at the base of the tree. I wonder who that was?? Probably miss Priss since you can't see anything but the eyes.

Unknown said...

Aw, Kylee! Your cats are WAY too cute. I'm sure mine complain about me not writing about them enough too. So much to do, so little time.

F Cameron said...

All of your babies are so pretty! I can't tell that they have fabulous personalities, and each one is different!

I enjoyed the show. Tell them that they are now famous stars!


Anonymous said...

You have such cute little kitties Kylee and what a nice way to introduce them and all their antics! :)

Lythrum said...

Seeing your cats reminds me of how much I miss mine at times. But then I think of litter boxes and I remember why I don't have one now. :) I love the pictures, they are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

What cutie pies! Cats are so funny and even more interesting than dogs sometimes. Their little personalities are great!

Kylee Baumle said...

jellyfishbay ~ We love them, too! :-) You pegged them right...Jack definitely has catitude, in charming sort of way. He vocally asks for attention and always gets it; Simon is rather snooty, actually; Max is a lover cat who would lay in your lap all day long if you'd let him. Jilly is the chatterbox of the bunch. She never shuts up. That can be annoying when it's 4:30 in the morning and she thinks it's time to get up. Yes, she is quickly becoming an indoor cat, which would make three inside ones. It doesn't seem like that many though.

Zoë ~ We don't want any more cats either. In fact, we didn't want this many, but they seemed to find us and adopt us. It gets expensive, feeding and littering and vetting them all! But they do bring us joy. Since our kids are grown and live away, I guess they are our kids now. LOL.

Lisa ~ Everyone talks about how many cats we have and there was a day when I would think it was a lot, but it doesn't seem like it anymore.
Yes, they each have their own personalities and for the most part, they all get along okay. Boo and Jack are best buds and can be found sleeping together quite often. The others each have their own spots. Lola still won't let any of the other cats get too close, but I think that will change over time, when she realizes she can trust them.
Yes, I noticed the other cat in that picture. It was taken a couple of years ago, so it was Boo. No doubt there was some conversation of some sort before Luna climbed the tree. Something along the lines of, "You try it. Mom's going to kill you if you get caught, but if she doesn't, then save some for me, okay?" Boo and Luna are both good at catching things. (There was no way Luna could have actually gotten those baby birds, though.)

Cinj ~ I love showing the kitties, but I forget to do it. But they really are a big part of the gardens here. They're always with me when I'm working outside. ALWAYS.

Cameron ~ Oh, I can't tell them that! They'll want even more special treatment! LOL.

perennialgardener ~ They've been on here before, but it's been a long time! I'll try to have them show up a little more. :-)

Lythrum ~ I can't imagine our lives here without the kitties. They're fun and they give us as much love as we give them. The litter boxes are just a necessary evil. Romie is such a good steward of keeping them all clean. (We have three - one in the garage, one in the pool house where many of them stay the night, and one in the basement of our house.) I clean them too, of course, but he's the one that does it most of the time.

F Cameron said...

Oh yes, cats have big egos! :-) In my life, I've had so many wonderful cats (none right now)...Rerun, Orville Redenbacher, Podaboo, Bonkers, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Seuss...and quite a few more! Whenever I gave Theo a special treat, I'd have a mouse on my doorstep the next day as his thanks! He was so thoughtful!

I see that I had a typo (typing with a migraine -- errors). I meant to say I CAN TELL that they have unique personalities.

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Thanks for all the joy and inspiration you've brought me this year!

Kylee Baumle said...

Misti ~ Since I'm very much a cat person, I have to say I agree!

Cameron ~ I knew what you meant. ;-)

MaryL ~ Awww...thank YOU, Mary!

greenlegs80 said...

This is too cute! I love it! By the way...that's Jenna's fish that Baby was trying to get. =)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, do tell us all about the kitties! I have two myself. Bonnie and Clyde. Your cats are all so beautiful. And photogenic too! I wish I had a big farm and could take in all the homeless babies!

Anonymous said...

Love the gray cat! I've wanted a gray cat for a couple of years now.

Louise Hartwig said...

I love the pic of Jack and Luna. Love the post and love cats. My cat is so mean, but I like him dough. (In side comment) Louise

Rose said...

I'm glad the cats talked you into posting all their photos, Kylee; these are too good not to share! Being a cat lover, too, I wouldn't dare pick a favorite, but Baby trying to get into the fish bowl is pretty darned cute.

Kylee Baumle said...

Kara ~ Oops! I'll have to correct that. You both have fish, so I couldn't remember whose we were babysitting. ;-)

Brenda ~ I love your kitties' names! Like our Jack and Jilly. We seem to be found by a couple of cats a year now, and I have no idea how we will take in any more, but I'm betting it happens. We have the space, it's just a monetary thing.

MrBrownThumb ~ Now where were you when we were trying to find homes for Sweetie Pie's kittens a couple of years ago? There were two more just like Jilly and mama Sweetie Pie. Jack and Jilly are two that have the most vibrant personalities out of all of them. Jilly especially, which is why she has wormed her way into becoming a house cat. LOL

Mom ~ I know you love cats and am so glad you finally talked Dad into having an inside cat. Ivy may be mean, but he's cute, too. And FAT!!!!
Love the inside comment!! (and Dad...LOL)

Rose ~ I've found that most gardeners are also cat lovers. Not sure why, but cats and gardens just go together, don't they?
We couldn't believe it when we walked into the room and saw Baby up there. We never have figured out how she got up there. However it was, she had to make one incredible leap!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Kylee! What a wonderful post! It was as fun reading your commentary as looking at the cats! We had two, a brother and sister, but had to give them away when our daughter and my husband were very ill with asthma and allergies. Now, our daughter is 26, and has a cat. Because of a bad case of eczema, she recently had allergy tests, and found she is severely allergic to cats, wheat, soy, and peanuts. She has no plans to find another home for her cat.

You could enter some of those, especially the one with the birdhouse, and the one with the fish bowl in a contest.

Dorothy said...

I just loved this post Kylee!
Your cats are precious! We too, have 8 rescued kittys, all inside.
What do you do with the outside cats in winter, where do they stay?
PS: We also have a Boo, he is totally black and he weighs 18 lbs! He's a total love.


Kylee Baumle said...

Sue ~ My husband is very allergic to cats, too, but he's allergic to nearly everything else, too, so even if we didn't have cats, he'd still be suffering with his allergies, so we have cats!

We have a 26-year-old daughter, too! She's our younger of the two.

Thank you for such kind comments about my photos. :-)

Dorothy ~ Oh good for you, for rescuing some kitties! The outside cats stay in our pool house and the garage at night, during both winter and summer. It seems like they get into trouble on occasion if they haven't been put in for the night, plus we don't like the thought of them being out there on a cold night, trying to find a warm place. We try not to let them in the house much during the winter, because we don't think going from one extreme to the other would be good for them. The first year we rescued the litter from the field, we had all the cats in the house at once for the entire winter. Oh my goodness, I couldn't wait for spring! That was just too many for me. I don't know how you do it!

Unknown said...

This gets the four paws up (and extra thumbs from Mungus) from the kitties of Sunflower Hill, Kylee. Although they're miffed that you don't have any snow and would like to send you some.

Kylee Baumle said...

jodi ~ LOL @ "extra thumbs". Our cat Mimi, who we lost at age 16, was a Hemingway cat. They're special, aren't they?
Hmmm...I'm not sure the kitties here would be happy with the gift of snow. They're avoiding it as long as they can! But they said to tell them thanks anyway.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Your cats are right, you should talk about them more on your blog, much more. Our PA did quite a lot, but that was before she got a d*g which we are very miffed about. If she's not going to write about us soon, something bad will happen. Perhaps we will pee on her pc, that will teach her.

The Bliss Team

Unknown said...

Hahahaha... too cute! And I love the signposts, by the way. We have something similar up at the River (near Melrose): Signs that point toward (roughly) the places where "the grandkids" all are currently living, with the approximate distances. (Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, etc.)

I have to ask: Why Quito? Exchange student?

Kylee Baumle said...

The Bliss Team ~ Advice taken and considered, but could I give you guys some advice, too? Don't pee on Yolanda Elizabet's PC, because if she finds out one of you did it, she is going to be more than upset. Now if you can do it and somehow make it look like the dog did it...

Kim ~ You're right! In 1993-94, we had an exchange student from Ecuador named Karina. We loved her so much and of course, we still do. I have been to Quito to visit her twice (in December of 2004 and again in September 2003 for her wedding) and hope to go again when she and her husband have their first child (whenever that might be).

Kerri said...

I couldn't not comment on this post, Kylee! The kitties must be purrfectly happy now that they're stars!
I've been thinking along the same lines as you (having taken lots of kitty photos during the summer)...getting promptings by our lot too, of course :) Cats are pushy creatures, aren't they?
They're such individuals, and all beautiful. I especially love the first one of Jack in the tree, but love all your photos. I've caught Jasmine in similar poses on top of one of our birdhouses :) Even caught her red-pawed...with her paw probing in the hole. No birdies in there, luckily. She scares them all away, unfortunately.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow! I thought no one had more cats than my friend Aunita--she has 7 "regulars" plus any number of foster kittens at any given time.

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