Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roses Before the Freeze

It's like this every year - in the last weeks before the deep freeze season begins in earnest, the roses give one last show and in some cases, they produce the most beautiful blooms of the year at this time. For all that's said about how fussy roses are, I don't find them to be that way and even if I did, their gorgeous blooms would make them worth it to me.

Orange mini, with Mum 'Rhumba' in the background

An unknown mini

Red unknown mini




'Cinco de Mayo'

'About Face'

'Ebb Tide'



These photos were taken within the last month or so, with the exception of 'Disneyland', which was taken at the end of September. I included it just because it's so pretty. :-)

To assure that these return next year, I make sure they've gotten a good watering, then I pile the mulch up around the base to a depth of 4-6 inches. When it starts to warm in the spring, I pull the mulch away. I never prune them any shorter than 18 inches, if possible, since there's always the possibility of that much die-back over the winter. I wouldn't prune them at all, except I want to guard against the wind whipping the canes around.


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I agree... I've found roses to be the easiest thing to grow and the most maintenance-free. Mine put on a spectacular autumn show as well. I just love it when they do. I don't give them their major "haircut" until January just so I can enjoy the blooms for as long as possible.


P.S. You know it's because of you that I have my wonderful Disneyland rose. Thank you!

TC said...

Good winter rose care advice Ms. Kylee. I'm with you about roses not being fussy, even the hybrid teas do good for us. Of those you've pictured, which is the most aromatic? 'Disneyland' is beautiful, one I might have to add.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my gosh Kylee. These are gorgeous.

I also want to say I like your new background and header.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous specimens you have there! I am trying my hand at roses, but haven't had as much luck yet. However, it's early on. So I'll keep reading what you pros are doing and maybe I'll have a photo that resembles those someday.

F Cameron said...

Beautiful roses!

Our freeze (below 20) finally arrived last night, taking out the last of the blooms in the garden.


Gail said...

Your roses are lovely...and so are your photos! I only grow three at C&L~~New Dawn. Fairy Queen and The Fairy...I love them all. Fairy Queen was still blooming two days ago. Frost stopped her! Gail

kate smudges said...

Your roses are lovely. Disneyland is exquisite and Lavaglut is spectacular. My roses are currently covered in snow ...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You sure grow some beautiful roses! I want to learn more, and find one or two that are easy and don't require sprays.

Unknown said...

Oooh... have I drooled over 'Lavaglut' already in your blog/garden, Kylee? If not, I'm about to start--I WANT ONE! The dark red velvet... wow. Any scent?

IlonaGarden said...

What beautiful roses! I really like the Lavaglut (what a name!) and the Disneyland. Perfect roses.

Kylee Baumle said...

Cindy ~ So I take it that 'Disneyland' is doing well for you! Great! The colors on her are just fabulous, aren't they? I had so much fun trading rose posts with you last year! :-)))

TC ~ Hmmm... 'Disneyland' and 'Lavaglut' are about equally fragrant, which I would describe as lightly fragrant. I've got other roses that are more fragrant than they are. 'About Face' isn't
'Lavaglut' is such a beautiful, deep, dark red and has so many blooms, although small, it's become one of my very favorites.
'Disneyland' also has many blooms, but what I love about it is how it has such a variety of color all on the same plant. Check out this photo by Kelley MacDonald at Dave's Garden! WOW! I hope mine looks like that when it grows up!

Lisa ~ Thanks and thanks! :-)

Brenda ~ Oh believe me, I am NOT a pro! I don't do anything special! Promise! It's just luck!

Cameron ~ We've had several nights of below 20 here, too, and the roses got it. But they survived several frosts, which surprised me!

Gail ~ Thanks! I'm not familiar with the Fairy roses, although I've seen them mentioned in many other blogs. I'll have to check those out!

Kate ~ No snow here yet. I saw some when I first got up today (on the ground), but it was gone a short time later. So many people are getting it in areas not that far from us, but so far none for us.

Sue ~ I don't spray my roses and while sometimes they look like I should, they generally come out of whatever is bugging them on their own. I don't have any, but I've heard that KnockOut roses are pretty carefree.

Kim ~ Yes, I think you did drool over it earlier this year when I posted about purchasing it. It IS really dark red and velvety. I was pleased at how my camera captured those features really well. Reds are always tough to photograph. I've discovered something about my camera that helps, and it's really weird, but if I turn it upside down, I get richer colors! Weird, huh?
'Lavaglut' emits a light scent, nothing remarkable.

Ilona ~ 'Lavaglut' is also known by 'Intrigue' and 'Lava Glow'. Why, I have no idea. Well, Lavaglut is German for Lava Glow.

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