Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Will You Spend Your Extra Second?

2008 was an interesting year, to say the least. Some say you either loved it or hated it. Personally, I'm somewhere in between those. There's good to be found in everything and tonight, I get a chance to add another second of good to 2008.

Our earth is a aging ball that is slowing down as time goes on. What this means is that every so often, in order to keep everything copacetic (I think this just might be the first time I've ever really used that word in a sentence where it was apropos), the powers that be add a second to our year.

Like its cousin the leap year, it's called a leap second. The last time we had to do this was in 2005.

We won't have to wait until midnight to get our extra second, though. Since the master clock is in Greenwich, England, we get ours here in the Eastern Standard Time zone at 6:59:60. Now the question is, what will we do with it? We don't want to waste it now, do we?

Here are some ideas:

  • Give someone an unexpected kiss
  • Take another breath. The oxygen will do you good
  • Eat another M&M
  • Smile at a someone
  • Catch another second of sleep
  • Read three more words
  • Wink at your sweetie
  • Snipe an auction on eBay
  • Scratch an itch
  • Sniff a rose
  • Take a second look
  • Plant a seed
  • Say a little prayer
  • Pet your cat
  • Speed dial your mom
  • Take a picture

How will you spend your extra second?


Anonymous said...

I like all your suggestions, Kylee. Time will actually "stand still" for one second -- how cool is that?! Happy New Year, dear friend!

Kathleen said...

Your list is inspiring and makes me smile. There can be so much joy in one, little, itty-bitty second.

F Cameron said...


Great post!

Happy New Year!


Louise Hartwig said...

Have a Happy New Year and count your blessings. Mom

Anonymous said...

I used my moment to give thanks. As time stood still that moment lives on into perpetuity.

Kylee Baumle said...

Nancy ~ Very cool! I wonder why this is the first year I've heard of this, or maybe I've heard of it and didn't pay any attention.
Happy New Year, Nancy!

Kathleen ~ True, and we waste so many of them! New Years' Resolution in there somewhere? Happy New Year to you!

Cameron ~ Thanks! Happy New Year, Cameron!

Mom ~ I count them always, and you're one of them.

Scott ~ That's an excellent way to spend time. Happy New Year!

O.I.M said...

I'll spend my extra second in the garden, of course. Happy New year and Happy gardening in 2009.

Connie said...

Glad you gave us some suggestions....a person could waste that second just deciding what to do with it. :-)
Happy New Year!

Kylee Baumle said...

Irena ~ Oh how I wish I could have spent it in my garden! Well, I could have, but it was pretty cold out there today and really nothing to do in it. No snow, just drab and brown. But it will be spring soon. Won't it?
Happy New Year to you as well!

Connie ~ You are so funny! Well, my second went by before I realized it! Such is the life of a procrastinator! LOL!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Unfortunately I was probably coughing. Ha... Happy New Year Kylee.

Shady Gardener said...

Around 6:00 pm last night, I'd been at my neighbor's. Perhaps that was the moment we hugged before I left for home! (A nice thought!) ;-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

That second has come and gone, but I love your list of things we can do in a one. Awesome!

Happy 2009,

Unknown said...

Umm, I spent my extra second sleeping. I sure was tired for some reason. I suppose it could be from doing all of that work in the basement. Happy New Year!

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ I hope you're feeling better. Those coughs can really hang on.

Shady ~ A great way to spend your second!

Sue ~ Amazing how many things only take a second, isn't it? Happy New Year to you, too!

Cinj ~ That would probably do it! You must have needed the rest, so you spent it well. :-) Happy New Year, Cinj!

Anonymous said...

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