Friday, December 5, 2008

Thankful EVERY Day

While Thanksgiving was last week, I came across something today that deserves a second take on this giving thanks thing. I discovered a blog that I'd not visited before. I think I came across it by reading a comment that this particular blogger made on another blog.

When I spoke to the Master Gardeners about Our Little Acre, and blogging in general, a couple of months ago, one thing I encouraged the members of my audience to do was to follow links and to click on other bloggers' names in the comments. That's how I've discovered some wonderful blogs and the people that write them. That's how I found this:

Who am I grateful for?
Most any one I've known!
Those close to me, as well as those
who briefly come and go.

What am I grateful for?
Much more than words can say.
Just waking up, with all the aches--
the chance for another day!

When am I grateful?
The opportunities abound!
Every day that I've been given--
every moment I'm around!

Where am I grateful?
No need to stop and think!
It's everywhere; it's here, it's there--
any place where I can blink!

Why am I grateful?
Because I don't deserve a thing!
The gift of life--and that alone--
is reason enough to sing!

How am I grateful?
I'm afraid I haven't shown
the thanks I should--the ways I could--
for everything I've known.

So each and every day,
(through all the wind and rain),
find something to be grateful for--
that chance won't come again!

~ by jan doble

Isn't that lovely? I wish I'd written it, because it expresses exactly how I feel. It makes me think of all the wonderful life I've lived since I nearly lost mine almost 10 years ago. Every day is truly a gift.

Jan, thank you for putting into words what I hold in my heart. I'm grateful you wrote it and that I came upon it today.

Jan Doble is the author of this poem and many more, which can be read on her blog,
Thanks For 2Day.


Amy said...

Yes, Jan has an absolutely wonderful blog! What a great poem. By the way Kylee, those flowers in your photo are gorgeous :)


Anonymous said...

Yes and Yes! She is talented and so are you! It is true that I get blessed every night reading these blogs and sometimes the giver does not even know it as we can't respond to everyone. Very well said.

Anonymous said...

She has a lovely blog which I've enjoyed. Her poem says it all! Lovely cornucopia of blooms Kylee.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, I enjoy her blog too.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Brain injuries. Very serious and oftentimes also mysterious. I'm so glad you're all right, and writing about it nearly ten years later! Yes, life is to be cherished. I tell myself, at 51, to take that camera outside each and every day and find something remarkable (to me) and get a snapshot of it.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I am wondering if it was my blog you found Jan on. I was just telling my husband that I have found blogs by clicking on others' comments and am now noticing that some of the people seem to be finding each other through mine. It could be someone else's, though, too, as some of the people who have commented here are also people whose blogs I read.

Anyway, that is a nice poem, and blogging sure is fun!

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