Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inside Blooms

While spring is rolling along on its merry little way outside, we've got some blooming loveliness inside, too! Inside and out, life is good.

As I've mentioned before, I got a late start on potting up most of the Amaryllis, so that means later blooms, too. We are on Round Two with them, as the second wave of blooms has been opening for the last several weeks, with even more to come.

I was pretty excited when my species Amaryllis bloomed for the first time since I bought them three years ago. The bulbs were quite small when I got them, and apparently they are large enough for blooms this year.

Hippeastrum striatum


'Red Peacock'

'Misty' is blooming AGAIN! That's never happened before.

'Royal Velvet'

The one I posted earlier, saying it was 'Royal Velvet,' wasn't (tags get mixed up). When you see them side-by-side, you can tell the difference. I think the first one was actually a very dark 'Red Lion.'


The Clivia is still a marvel, with its two flower stalks blooming and what's that? A THIRD! I love this plant!

The Hoya is awash in multiple blooms after several months of none.

The Streptocarpella continues to bloom anew.

And the first of several orchids that began spiking several weeks ago has opened. All of them are reblooms!


In the basement greenhouse, the Heliotrope and a Brugmansia are budding. The Brug intrigues me, because they have been basically dormant all winter. How do they know the seasons are changing when they're down there?

The meteorologist on our local news just spoke the 's' word. I'm certain he didn't mean it. But just in case he did, it's nice to know I can stay inside and stare at the eye candy in here until the weather comes to its senses again.


Blossom said...

Wow ... lovely blooms.

Pat said...

All so beautiful !!
What a selection you have ! How wonderful to have so many stunning flowers in your home.

flydragon said...

Wow, what a gorgeous scene you have inside!!! Love them all!! A question about your Hoya. I have one but it has very different foliage than yours. My leaves are very curly, and I've never had blooms. Do you know anything about the kind that I have?
Our weatherman also mentioned the "s" word and I don't think he was talking "sunny":)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just love seeing your lovely indoor blooms Kylee. I have never seen hoya bloom. It is lovely.

Unknown said...

"Streptocarpella continues to bloom anew." So does mine, I think it bloomed three times since October when I brought mine in. I am getting ready to root it in containers for this year on my porch, wish me luck! Lovely pics, I need more things indoors! Hugs....Brooke

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Beautiful blooms Kylee.

They're all very pretty but I really like the Streptocarpella.


Rose said...

Our weatherperson has mentioned the "S" word, too; I thought they weren't allowed to say that on the air in the spring:)

Your amaryllises are beautiful! Thank you for giving me hope, too--mine, the first one I've ever had, has grown and grown but no blooms. Maybe next year? Do you keep yours inside all summer or can they be planted outside and brought in in the fall? Thanks for your help, Kylee!

Diana said...

Oh, I have Amaryllis and Orchid envy! Your photos and plants are just beautiful. I love all the varieties of Amaryllis and I have 3 that I need to pot, so I'd better go run and do that right now! Thanks for the push!

Cathy S. said...

Love the Strepto I have 2 of them and they just keep on blooming.
Nice collection of Amaryllis

Shady Gardener said...

I'm amazed! It must be fun to walk around your house!! :-) Out of all those amaryllis, only one is going to bloom. I think it's my fault. I now understand that I shouldn't have been fertilizing them as I watered them?? Oh, well. There's always Next Year! ;-)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, all are so pretty! My amaryllis did not bloom yet. I don't think it's going to at this point. Sigh...

Unknown said...

Let's put fingers in ears and sing, La la la la, not hearing S word...Your amaryllis are fab, as always, but the hoyas are even more wonderful. They look like china flowers, always.

And I joined the Clivia club!

Anonymous said...

My Kaliedoscope orchid looks just like yours, and has been blooming nonstop since I bought it in January. I was showing it off to hubby recently, and he said all this time he thought it was fake! I just bought a hoya the other day, hope it blooms like your yours. I've got to stop going to Lowes to see their houseplants, my house is getting full!

bg_garden said...

WOW... you are full of blooms this weekend. Happy Spring - loving your photography.

Kylee Baumle said...

Blossom ~ Thank you! :-)

Patsi ~ Thank you! I do enjoy them a lot!

flydragon ~ I've seen the curly hoyas in catalogs and I think at Lowe's. I know mine likes the soil to be kept on the dry side. Most hoyas are known to tolerate a great deal of neglect, so maybe you're paying too much attention to it? I don't really know a whole lot about hoyas. Sorry! Maybe Cathy from Outside In could help you?

Lisa ~ Thank you, Lisa. I love when the hoya blooms. They smell really nice, too.

Brooke ~ I need to cut mine back and root the cuttings, too. I need to read up on how to do that, so I don't lose them. Good luck to you, too!

Rob ~ Thank you! I like that one, too. :-)

Rose ~ We are having a thunderstorm now - typical spring storm - I love it!
I plant my amaryllises in the ground in the summer and throw some water at them if it gets really dry. I feed them a couple of times during the summer (when I remember). I bring them in towards the end of September and put them in the basement until I pot them up a couple of months (or more) later.

Diana ~ Amaryllis are incredibly forgiving! Of all except overwatering, that is. I think they rather like neglect, in fact!

Cathy ~ This is the only Streptocarpella I have and it's about three years old, if I remember right. I need to cut it and root some of it in another pot, but I'm scared to do it!

Shady Gardener ~ I do love walking around 'visiting' my plants. I've also fertilized mine while they were blooming at times, and it didn't seem to matter to them, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Brenda ~ Don't give up, Brenda. Since I keep my amaryllis year round, sometimes they bloom at odd times. Maybe that will happen with yours!

jodi ~ Those hoya blooms look that beaded jewelry everyone was making so many years ago. They smell really good, too!
Yay! Welcome to the club!

Robin ~ They do look fake! And the blooms last so long, which is one thing I love about orchids. Hoyas are great, too. This one was a passalong from a friend in Washington state. I still have it in the original pot. I need to repot it - I'm sure there can't be much soil left in that pot! (Not sure where it goes, but the plant gets a bigger root system and the pot doesn't grow!)
Well, you know about the houseplant epidemic at my house, don't you? LOLOL

Bren ~ I'm so happy with all the blooms around here, too! (Can you tell?) Thank you! It's fun photographing such lovely things.

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