Friday, March 13, 2009

"It's too cold," I said to myself.

The sun was shining brightly as I looked out the window this morning. The birds were singing and the cats were lounging in various locations, taking sun baths. It looked like a nice, warm spring day out there.

But looks can be deceiving.

I wanted to do some more clean-up in the garden, so I got dressed, put my jacket on, grabbed my new green leather gloves I'd gotten yesterday at Walmart and my Felcos. As I headed out the back door, I glanced at the outdoor thermometer.

TWENTY-EIGHT DEGREES?? "It's too cold," I said to myself as I stepped outside.

"Oh really?" said the

"You don't say," said the heather.

"What's that?" asked the Geranium 'Samobor.'

"Too cold for what?" the
delphinium wanted to know.

"Who's cold?" asked the creeping thyme.

"Not us," answered the Asiatic lilies.

"We're not cold," declared the
Veronica 'Aztec Gold.'

"We haven't been cold since January," bragged the sedum.

"Did someone say it's too cold?" asked the variegated oregano.

"What a weenie," snickered the Primula, as it prepared to bloom.

Okay, okay. Never mind
. . .


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I am happy they can stand the cold. But, for me, it is still too cold, brrrr.

Kit Aerie-el said...

Haha, that is perfect, especially the sedum and primrose! Two of my favorites here in the Pacific Northwest-so easy, carefree, and just plain tough.
Great photos and captions, all of them! Let's hope not only the calendar says spring but the weather does too!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Good morning Kylee and thank you for a lovely walk in your garden. The garden is very slowly starting to wake-up from the long winter sleep. One day it's warm(ish) and the next snow and cold.

I hope the sun will come out today and warm up the greenhouse a bit and melt away the last snow.

Have a happy weekend. xoxo Tyra

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a cute post Kylee. I felt the same way yesterday morning. It did warm up in the afternoon to a comfortable temp according to me. tee hee... It is amazing how flowers are popping up all around the garden and they don't seem to mind those 20 degree morning temps. I have always said that a spring 40 degrees feels warmer than a fall 40 degrees. I guess we are just used to colder temps in the spring. And doesn't that sun feel good now??!!

flydragon said...

Haha. They might not mind, but I am definitely the weenie:)

garden girl said...

Funny Kylee! The new growth here has been mocking me too. My one hellebore is sulking though. The buds seem to be waiting for things to warm up a bit more before they open.

I have two sedum 'forests' - two groups of a bunch of sedum cuttings from a client's plants I cut back late in the fall - brought them here, stuck them in the ground, and they were the first things I noticed sprouting this spring - they are even sprouting off the old stalks as well as from the soil. They are some tough plants!

Chiot's Run said...

I spent most of the day outside yesterday, it got up to 40 here. I had to empty all of my maple sap containers several times, the perfect day to maple sugaring.

JulenaJo said...

I'll get out there today after the library closes, I hope. Seeing how things are popping up in your garden makes me want to clean out last year's leaf litter and look for green in my own plot. It's definitely upon us!

Kerri said...

They're tougher than us, that's for sure! And it's a good thing too. Glad to see so many signs of spring in your garden, Kylee.
It's 24ºF here this morning, but the sun is shining and we've been promised 50ºF. Sounds good to me! :)

Donna at Suburban Sanctum said...

Charming, Kylee! This reminds me of "I Can't Said the Ant," one of my favorite books as a child, and one of my kids' favorite books to have me read to them when they were younger (complete with different voices for each character, of course!). I don't "do" cold either--call me whatever you will! :) It will warm up soon enough...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I allowed myself to blog while eating breakfast, but by now, it's almost digested, and here I am, still blogging.

Kylee, I am so glad I got to read this post. Later in the day, I need to make it to blotanical to add my "pick" for it. What an awesome post! I hope you get some warmer weather soon, though. It's supposed to be warmer in our area, in the 50s and 60s for highs the next few days.

Your plants are determined spring is on the way, and are no wimps!

Anonymous said...

They definitely have more stamina at this time of year than I do with the up & down temps. ;) Cute post Kylee!

Lona said...

LOL! Cute. Our plants are tougher and braver than we are it seems.

RURAL said...

This looks like our place, the cold and frost damage. It is too cold, but soon spring will arrive. Soon!


SuburbanGardener said...

Those plants are happy that it warmed up. At night it got chilly, but 28 is fine.... I can't imagine digging frozen gardens..

F Cameron said...

LOL! :-) Great plants for cold times.


Connie said...

I'm with you....28 degrees is too cold for working in the garden, unless you're fond of numb fingers and toes.
Your perennials are looking good!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Sedums look like little green unfurling roses to me.

O.I.M said...

i'll take that kind of cold any day. great to see so much growing.

Kara said...

My kids were cracking me up today checking to see if anything green is poking up... "Oh isn't he cute!" they were saying about the sedum. :)

Rose said...

I guess this is why farmers pay attention to soil temperature:) Looks like your garden is all ready for spring, no matter what the thermometer says.

Kris said...

That's the great thing about a garden, it rewards the least amount of effort -- like a quick stroll around on a cold quasi-spring day. Glad you found lots to enjoy during your outing! :-D

Pat said...

You have some beautiful plants showing themselves...great pics.
I'm guessing you lasted about 20 minutes outside... I'm tired of the cold.
You have to tell your plants to stop talking ! It's starting to freak me out. :)

Kylee Baumle said...

Debbie ~ I was just so surprised when I saw how cold it was. It looked much warmer!

Aerie-el ~ I think we just might be having an early spring here! I hope so!

Tyra ~ Yes, that weather pattern indicates spring in progress! Yay!

Lisa ~ The afternoon did warm up a bit and I spent a little time cleaning up. There's a lot more to do, but these days are good for doing it, so it's getting done!
You're right - 40 degrees now feels like a heat wave! In the fall, it gives us chattering teeth!

flydragon ~ I can be the weenie, too! When the girls were playing golf on their college golf teams, I was a fair weather fan. If it was too windy, too rainy, or too cold, I didn't follow them around on the course.

garden girl ~ My hellebores are just now poking through the ground, but I can see they'll have some flowers eventually. This is kind of late for them, but it seems like everything else is a little bit early.
I'll bet your sedum forests look fabulous! I love seeing the sedums come to life in the spring.

Chiot's Run ~ I heard on "Plant Talk" on the radio that now is a great time to prune the maples and collect the sap. I've never done that before.

JulenaJo ~ I think it's fun to clean away the leaves and see what life is going on under there. I see lots of other kinds of life, too...bugs!

Kerri ~ Hasn't this weekend been just wonderful? I think the entire next week is supposed to be pretty much like this, too. :-)

Donna ~ I'd forgotten about that book! Cute!
We're having a wonderful spring weekend here!

Sue ~ Believe me, I understand about the computer eating your time up. That happens all the time here!
Awww...thank you for the pick!
Yes, I do believe spring is here!

perennial gardener ~ Thanks!

Hocking Hills Gardener ~ It's amazing how tough they are, isn't it?

Muddy Boot Dreams ~ I look right over the winter damage this time of the year. Either that, or I trim it away!

SuburbanGardener ~ While I was cleaning up, I found chunks of mulch that was frozen, yet in some places it was warm and loose. It depended on the side of the sun it was on!

Cameron ~ Absolutely!

Connie ~ I actually went out later when it was a bit warmer. The sun made it feel much warmer than it said on the thermometer.

Brenda ~ I think so, too!

Irena ~ Yes, it wasn't that bad out there, really! The sun makes it feel warmer than it really is.

Kara ~ It's so fun to look for new growth. Great to hear about the kids' excitement!

Rose ~ I want to get a soil thermometer. Must look for one!

Kris ~ You're right - and it doesn't take a whole lot to excite me, either!

Patsi ~ LOL! I talk to my plants all the time, so I guess it was only a matter of time before they started talking back!

Katie said...

Very creative Kylee! Spring is around the corner.

MyMaracas said...

Creeping thyme! So that's what that is out in my front yard. I thought it smelled herb-y. LOL

I love this post. So creative, and so many great spring photos.

Kylee Baumle said...

Katie ~ I think spring just might be here!!

MyMaracas ~ That creeping thyme has just gone great guns since I planted it late last summer. It's really pretty and nearly perfect! If it keeps going, I'll be dividing it and using it elsewhere.
Thanks for the kind words! I was hoping to encourage other gardeners to get out and look for new growth in their own gardens so they could be pleasantly surprised like I was!

Anonymous said...

I really loved reading this post...
Those early shoots look so tender, but they are so strong!

Nutty Gnome said...

Great post Kylee, it really made me chuckle. You hit the right note with lots of other people too!

It was lovely here over the weekend - I was down to only 3 layers whilst I was working! Spring is definately on the way - yippee!

Unknown said...

Ah, they laugh... while we shiver!!! :) Lovely post, Kylee. I went out and did some cleanup in the front garden tonight. No lilies poking their heads out yet here, but my thyme is a nice shade of green--love your reddish winter leaves on those, though.

Jeph said...

Ah, so maybe my reddish sprouts coming up are the lilies!? And, this past year being my first to plant delphinium, I'll have to go out and look around to see if mines coming up! And thanks for helping me identify the sedum...I've been trying to remember what that was coming up on the corner of the house...

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