Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Master Gardeners Garden Walk

Today's the day! When we were asked to open our gardens to the public for the Van Wert County Master Gardeners Garden Walk this year, August 9th seemed a long way off. But as summers often do, this one flew right by and now it is upon us.

Friday night, all the garden tour participants and Master Gardeners got together to take the tour of the gardens, so that we could see them, too. Before the evening came to an end, we were getting rained on, but it was much needed so no one was doing much complaining.

Let's tour!

  1. Rob and Leslie Moser

    This home and landscape was originally the idea of Brent and Kris Tow, but from the time they were asked to be in the garden tour, their house sold. The Mosers graciously agreed to let their home stay on the tour.

    The setting is beautifully woodsy and the landscaping matches it and their log home with blue Serbian and Conica spruce trees, fountain grasses, and Hetz midget shrubs.

  2. Our house! More on this one later. :-)

  3. Robbie and Madison Adams

    Rob has a degree in horticulture and Madison's mother owns a garden and landscaping business. Rob and his father do metal "street art" and the Adams's have taken all of that and created a beautiful haven of specimen plantings and original art and design.

    Their back yard, while small, is a cozy haven for them and when they entertain friends and family.

  4. Larry and Emily Riley

    I have visited this garden before, when they were on a garden walk a few years ago. Two very distinctive things popped out at me when I saw the garden this time. The beautiful colors and textures of the plants and flowers fit together like a well-designed quilt. I couldn't begin to put things together this well.

    Just as impressive is the use of garden whimsy. You could stand for hours and look at the gardens and still find something you hadn't seen before.

    Notice the post, covered with door hardware. (You can click on the photo to bring up a larger version of it.)

  5. Carolyn Girod

    Carolyn's gardens are formal and very neatly groomed. She said she enlisted the help of her grandsons while getting ready for the garden tour and I can fully understand why. However, Carolyn is the sole caretaker and creator of the neat English-style gardens here on a daily basis.

    The patio area was comfortable and provided a nice view of the woods behind her home. The patio itself looked like brick, but was actually hand-painted by Carolyn!

    The woods contain a marvelous "treehouse" that she built for her grandkids to enjoy and by the time we walked back to see it, inside and out, there were several of us who wondered if Carolyn would adopt us as her honorary grandchildren. It is unbelievably comfortable and deliciously designed, with all the comforts of home, including air-conditioning and a TV.

  6. Venedocia Memorial Park/Venedocia Cemetery

    Yes, this is a cemetery, but it's not just a cemetery. It's quite large for a rural cemetery and thanks to John Lloyd, there are not only beautiful gardens on the grounds, there are historical artifacts that have been preserved. The old Miami Canal (Cincinnati to Toledo) runs through the middle of the cemetery.

    Each stone here signifies each of the rural schools that used to be in the area.

    This is a very special place that gives a wonderful sense of peace from the moment you enter it.

  7. Ray and Mary Young

    The Youngs not only have colorful annual and perennial gardens surrounding their home, but they have a fabulous vegetable garden as well. Ray generously shared his produce with several of us, with us getting one of his large yellow onions!

    There is a pond at the back of the property and a water garden.

    I especially liked the pergola with seating below it.

  8. Dave and Janet Myers

    By the time we wrapped up our tour, it was starting to rain, so I only got one photo at this location. The one thing that I was most impressed with were the rug junipers (I'm not sure that's exactly what these were, but their shape and growth habit resembled them).

    They were planted as specimens and were the healthiest of their kind that I've ever seen. Just beautiful.

    Thank you to everyone that opened up their gardens for the 2009 Van Wert County Master Gardeners Garden Walk. Each home had something unique to see and gave us all many great ideas that we could use in our own gardens.

    Next post will have photos of Our Little Acre, as taken on Saturday, the day before the Walk.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful tour Kylee. I bet you got many ideas from such lovely gardens. The cemetery garden is most interesting to me. Does the person taking care of it have relatives there or are they just historically intersted in it?

Nutty Gnome said...

Great tour Kylee, thanks! I love that tree house - it's way better than our little one. I think I want to live there! :)

CiNdEe said...

Wow what a fun tour! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Diana said...

Thanks for taking us on the tour, Kylee. Can't wait to see your garden!

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