Saturday, August 8, 2009

World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day! If you're a cat owner, you know every day is Cat Day, but you know how they are - they want their own day just like mothers and fathers have and they won't be denied much in this world. They have a way of wrapping their tails around our hearts and purring their way into our homes and gardens.

Every garden needs a cat and since we have quite a large assortment of gardens, we wanted to make sure every one of them had their own cat. Okay, so it wasn't exactly in the plan, but it works for us and the cats.

Here are the kitties that adorn Our Little Acre, inside and out:

Boo is the sophisticated one of the bunch. Very quiet and regal.

Jilly insists on being an inside cat although we kick her out from time to time when she decides to break out into "the crazies" and wreaks havoc with just about anything in her path.

Baby, who is inside only, is my sweetie. She takes naps with me on the couch. She is one of the few who will come when called.

Luna is our "flower child." He is a brother to Boo and Baby and doesn't have a care in the world. We like it when he gets caught in the rain, because that's about the only time he is ever completely clean. That's just not a priority for him. He's got playin' to do!

As much as I hate to say it, Simon is the snooty one. He might allow you to pet him if you're lucky and believe me, that's how he feels about it, too. He and Baby are the best of friends, though. He's an inside cat only.

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping Baby?

Lola, in her skinnier days. I really do need to get a more current photo of her, if I can lure her off her perch in the garage. She is the laziest cat ever with the most annoying shrill meow ever. I'm certain she was a house cat before she came here. She rarely goes outside, even when the garage door is open.

Jilly again. She managed to jump on this table without breaking one single leaf off any of the plants. Amazing!

Max is just one of the cats that likes to drink from the bird bath.

Max, in his garden.

Sunny, who thinks the chaise lounge by the pool was put there just for him.

Jack, hiding in the wheat stubble behind Our Little Acre.

If you've been counting, that's nine - yes, nine - cats in all. Not our plan, but we love them all. Happy World Cat Day to all our feline friends!


Gail said...

Kylee, The cat children are beautiful! We just have one and he is King of the whole house! gail

Ginger said...

Too cute! I have two kitties and they clearly think it's world cat day EVERY day :)

Unknown said...

Gulp. I didn't know today was World Cat Day. The cat children neglected to tell me that, probably because they do think every day is Cat Day.
You have a much more colourful variety of catchildren then I do, Kylee. we're partial to tuxedos and orange kitties but only have one of each these days. It might be time to get more kitties too. Must. Resist. Visiting. Shelter.

Currently, Mungus is in the middle of my bed, Simon is sleeping in the office chair, Spunky on my computer bag. Nibs is talking to something out the window (probably a raccoon), Thistle is outdoors looking for bugs, Rowdy is helping Lowell at his computer and Toby is resting up before bedtime. It's a cat's life.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Lots of cute little kitties!

Nutty Gnome said...

I love my cat,Ceefer, but was NOT impressed at his yowling from the terrace outside my bedroom window at 6 o'clock this morning because he was hungry and bored and thought I had nothing better to do than to pander to him! And, of course, I did!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wonder if the cat children will like all the people invading your garden today. I hope you are able to relax, did I just type relax??, and enjoy the tourists. I can't wait to read all about the day. Best of luck. I wish I could be there.

MyMaracas said...

These are beautiful portraits, in both the words and photos! Nine cats, though. Wow.

I missed cat day. Shhh ...don't tell my kitty, Gatsby.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I love cats!!!! It's amazing, when I think about allt he one sI've lived with, how distinct their personalities are. And why shouldn't they be. Right now I have one who hisses and swipes at you if you try to touch him but loves being petted with bare feet, and another who can't let you leave the room for 5 minutes without following you and being with you.

Katie said...

That picture of Jack is awesome!

TC said...

Nine cats. Each of those have nine lives; that's nine to the ninth power; nine to the ninth = three hundred eighty-seven million four hundred twenty thousand four hundred eighty-nine cat lives. Wow. What will you do with all those lives?

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Wow! Great collection...of photos and cats. If one...or five...would like to come over to my garden they are welcome!

My one cat couldn't be bothered with the great outdoors. :-)

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