Friday, July 30, 2010

Beauty in a Box

They say you aren't supposed to say "Thank you" when someone gives you plants. Something about them not growing if you do. But I can't help it.  Costa Farms, thank you - many times over.

When Fed Ex turned into our driveway this afternoon and delivered a large box, I got all excited to see what was in it when I noticed the return address.  From the time I got it open, looked down into the box and saw what was in there, until I removed them from the box and stood to admire them, I don't think my mouth ever closed.  Two gorgeous Tradewinds® tropical hibiscus, a Curcuma and a Heliconia, all from the Costa Farms Shades of Summer Collection.

Just when I was feeling like tearing my gardens up because they're getting that ratty, dry, late summer look, these perked me right up and got me excited about my gardens again. Coincidentally, they came in time to help decorate the area around the pool for our celebration of our 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  Again, thank you!

Tradewinds® Hibiscus 'Mandarin Wind'

Tradewinds® Hibiscus 'Starry Wind'





The plants were expertly packed and none of them suffered even one broken leaf or bud in transport from Florida.  The containers they were growing in were suitable for display, not the usual thin black nursery pots most plants come in.

Costa Farms is a third generation, family owned business that globally stretches over 3,500 acres and employs 2,800 people. Along with thriving indoor houseplant and bedding plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in South Florida and North Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Far East. (From their website.)

You can find Costa Farms plants in garden centers everywhere. Look for them!

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


mr_subjunctive said...

No ID on the Heliconia? It looks an awful lot like my H. psittacorum 'Bright Lights,' though for all I know they all do.

Diana said...

What a beautiful box of tropical treasures! I'd take those any day. I hope they perk things right up in the garden - seems like a new garden package always perks us up, doesn't it?

Chloe m said...

Sounds like a reputable outfit. I think they looked surprisingly healthy and beautiful for being shipped.

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