Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look. See.

Gardening has opened my eyes to so many other wonderful creations that co-exist with the plants.  Some of them I knew were there, but I didn't care about them.  Others, I had no clue there were such things.  I don't think I'd ever get bored with "just gardening," but because of these other discoveries, there isn't a chance of that happening.

In order to see these other wonders, one has to always be aware, and take the time to really look.  If I'd had blinders on today, I would have missed these:

Tussock Moth caterpillar on common milkweed

Black swallowtail caterpillar munching on dill volunteers

Ermine Moth on Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed)

Monarch butterfly egg on the same Asclepias incarnata

Oh, and three Japanese Beetles, which promptly ended up in the pool skimmer, never to chomp on my roses again.  I think they're a beautiful insect, but I value my plants and flowers more than their lives.


Darla said...

If you take the Monarch egg and leaf put it on a damp paper towel in a sealed plastic container, in a few days you will have a caterpillar. We did the entire experience from egg to butterfly last year, it was awesome!! I saw that interesting moth just last evening in my gardens, couldn't capture it though.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

One is never alone in the garden. There is an entire community there with you.

Commonweeder said...

I have never seen a Monarch egg! This year I have hardly seen any Monarchs, although other butterflies and moths seem to be plentiful. I don't know what that means. These are beautiful photographs

garden girl said...

So deeply rewarding sharing our gardens with wildlife Kylee! (well, with a few notable exceptions.) I'm surprised how few Japanese beetles there have been around here so far this year.

Tracey said...

I love your closeup pictures, I have never seen any of these creatures before, they are so colourful. But I still wouldn't want either of those caterpillars on my cabbages!

Steve Asbell said...

The ermine moth looks really pretty against the flowers... I don't think Japanese beetles are too common here in Florida, but congrats on nabbing 3! I like the running tally you have going.

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