Monday, October 7, 2013

RoboReel® Water Hose System: A Review

She needs eyelashes.
I'll be honest, when I first saw the information about Great Stuff, Inc.'s RoboReel® Water Hose System, I was immediately taken with all that it could do, but in the next instant, I was also very skeptical.  Some of its features defied reality, in my opinion.  It looked like it belonged in a Jetsonian world and really, it couldn't possibly do all that, could it?

I received a RoboReel® Water Hose System about a month ago to use and review.  Both my husband and I were pretty excited to put it to the test and we fully expected to run into a glitch or two as we put it through its paces.  We wanted it to work seamlessly, but we had our doubts.

Are you getting the idea that we just didn't believe its claims? Well, guess what?  It works, and it works very, very well.  More than once we stood there, astounded at just how well.  Because it does exactly what it claims to do, rather than telling you myself, I'll let you watch their promo video, explaining it all:

If I can dispute anything at all, it's that they say their hose doesn't kink.  It does.  We had it kink a couple of times on us, but it kinks less than some other hoses we've used and we didn't find it to be a major problem when using the hose.

Specifically, we liked:

  • How well the automatic winding reel worked when we were finished with the hose. Flawlessly, even.

  • All the various nozzles (five of them, including a multi-function spray nozzle with six spray patterns and a firemen's nozzle!) are stored inside the unit. There is an optional sprinkler attachment available, but it isn't stored in the unit.

  • The use of quick-connect attachments, doing away with screwing and unscrewing nozzles, making them super easy to change.

  • The automatic shut-off after an hour of unattended use. No more forgetting to turn the water off when watering trees or topping off the pool!  It rewinds itself when it shuts off, too!

  • Everything is controlled via remote right at your fingertips, including the timer.

  • It holds 150 feet of hose.  That's a LOT of hose.

There wasn't anything we really didn't like about the unit itself, but I'll have to say if we hadn't received this free of charge from the company, we would balk at the price.  It sells for $699 and that's not a small piece of change.  But technology and quality like this comes at a premium, we know.

Is it worth $699?  That's for you to decide, but the RoboReel® Water Hose System is convenient, effortless, time saving, innovative, high quality, and just plain amazing. We liked it.  We really, really liked it.


Where to purchase:

Great Stuff, Inc. (the manufacturer)
Frontgate (100-ft. version)

We received the RoboReel® Water Hose System free of charge for the purposes of testing and reviewing it.  All opinions stated here are honest and original to us and we received no other compensation other than the product itself.  No suggestions were made to us as to what to say in our review.  None of the links in this blog post are affiliate links and we do not receive any kind of compensation should you choose to purchase the RoboReel® Water Hose System through any of these links.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kylee. Thanks for sharing your review of this product. It does sound like something a lot of gardeners would like to own, but the price is a bit steep for me.

Kylee Baumle said...

Susanne ~ It is. This is a pretty sophisticated product. Maybe when they've sold a few more, the price will come down a bit.

Jan said...

I really like the auto-rewind feature...that's always an issue for me. But the price, way too steep for me, too. Now if you have a give-away on your blog, I'll come back for a chance to win one ;) Nice writeup.

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