Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dig This! We're Doing a Shovel Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about our new shovels, sent to me by Ames Tools to try out.  I loved them both and now Ames is letting me give one away to a lucky reader! You can read my thoughts on the two shovels here, but let's take a quick look at the facts:

Ames Long Wood Handle Round Point Shovel 

  • - Tempered steel blade for years of service 
  • - Suitable for digging, planting, cutting sod and small roots 
  • - Comfort step for secure foot placement 
  • - North American ash handle for strength and durability 
  • - 10-inch cushion grip for comfort and control 
  • - 15-year warranty


Razor-Back® Long Handle Super Socket Round Point Shovel

  • - Heavy gauge, tempered steel blade for maximum strength
  • - Suitable for digging, planting, cutting sod and small roots
  • - Extended socket length for maximum prying leverage and strength
  • - Contractor grade fiberglass handle for durability
  • - Large Power step for secure footing
  • - Lifetime warranty

Want one of these for your very own? Here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment to this blog post, telling me what digging challenges you face in your garden.

2. Fill out the Rafflecopter form with your contact information.

On Sunday night, July 27, 2014, just after midnight EDT, I will use Rafflecopter's nifty random winner picker and one lucky reader will win the shovel of their choice (choose either of the two featured here).  GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Jo Ellen Roe said...

I am not sure this is for the shovel, but that is my intent. Unfortunately, many years ago, before I knew not to, we laid weed fabric in certain areas of my garden. Now, at times, I have to dig through it, and it's quite pain.

Bev said...

We have a tiny little yard but the soil is good. The only thing that slows me down while planting is my arthritis, that is my greatest challenge. Though I told myself a few years back that it was time to downsize my plantings I just can't seem to stop. This year we're adding a half a dozen 'stones' (chunks of old sidewalk) to form a path to our small patio. And last fall our project was taking out the grass between the sidewalk and the street to plant Baltic Ivy - we also added a small butterfly garden in the backyard : D

Lona said...

Who could not use another shovel. Mine gets so much abuse. I want one that does not bend when I dig out roots. I bent my last one all around. LOL!

Dani said...

Not sure if overseas entries are allowed, but here goes :)

Thank you very much for hosting the giveaway :)

Digging challenges - we have rock hard clay soil (filled with small to palm sized stones) to deal with in winter, and heavy, clinging clay in summer... Can't win in either season.

Mia said...

we are on glacial till, so lots of rocks make digging a big challenge!
and, this fall, I am taking out more "lawn" - really weeds and putting in more beds..

JACLYN said...

Our soil is very rocky, so it's a challenge is dig and find good spots in the yard to plant. Thank you for the chance!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kylee girl !
Yes ! shovels are such an important tool for me in my garden .. I am liking the the second one with the life time warranty because I tend to "kill" tools eventually.
I need a good sharp one because my plants are close together .. so not a lot of elbow room to work in.
I'm sure they are both good shovels but that second one caught my attention !
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

We have clay dirt, so it makes it hard to dig into the ground to remove some weeds that seem to have roots that are too long for just pulling out. My hubby has to cut the weeds down with the weed whacker, but I'd like to get them dug out of the ground.

Thanks to Ames for offering the chance at such a great giveaway!

Terri H said...

I need to dig out many trees that have grown thanks to the birds.

Jenny said...

Rocks - we have to almost blast them out. Actually, my husband breaks them up with a steel fence post every time we dig a hole. So we shovel a lot of mulch & compost into our beds.

Modern Mia said...

Our biggest challenge currently is filling in the mole tunnels. It seems a mole and it's family have decided our yard and garden is their perfect home. Every day I have to fill in collapsed tunnels.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

How wonderful of the company to be giving away these shovels on your blog. Boy are we busy. I will be taking out some dead bushes, trees and adding new ones. Then we will be expanding beds. Lots of work once we cool a bit this fall....perfect time to use a new shovel :)

dezignlady said...

My backyard was used for a dump pit when the homes in my neighborhood were built. I that area I did up full bricks, huge chunks of foundation and miscellaneous other debris. It's been twenty years of work to get a decent soil developed in some areas! I have broken a couple of shovels!

Gary K. said...

Usually it's the July Ohio humidity and heat but we have a reprieve this summer, now it's just plain lazy I suppose, The garden is in and most of the weeds are pulled although a shinny new Ames shovel will help if we get around to digging out the herb garden my sweetie wants to start this year!
Keep up the good work Kylee!
Gary K.

Dana Mees said...

Who can't use an amazing shovel like these? So many challenges in my yard between the rock beds I'm finding under the soil to the incessant clay! But I'm a determined gardener who has broken more than one shovel. Would love to have a nice heavy duty shovel like these!

Mellon said...

Clearly I need a shovel to dig the cobwebs out of my brain. I'm not sure what I've done with the rafflecopter widget. Hope I entered because I moved into a new house last fall and need a shovel to dig through all the ivy. I want to plant ferns and bulbs! Right now I'm using an old, mistreated sharp shooter that I'm sure is going to break at any moment.

Anonymous said...

I still need to have someone come out and tell me where all my lines are buried. I haven't planted much in ground but done a lot of raised beds. I'm itching to plant a small tree somewhere.
Jennie Brooks

Unknown said...

Thanks for offering the shovel give-away. I could use it to take out some creeper vine that has taken root along the side fences, in my back yard. I enjoy your newsletters.

Judy said...

I have clay soil, it can be like digging in cement when its dry. We're working on removing the overgrown foundation plantings that we put in when my house was built 25 years ago. A new shovel would be a huge help!

Niren said...

I would love to win a shovel :)
I have clay soil and planting anything requires using a shovel or a pickaxe. I have a couple of shovels, but they are old and rusty and I would love a new one, especially if its free :)

Jane Rutkowski said...

Hi Kylee,
Like you, I love gardening and have been doing it in some form since I was a little girl. I have a blog of my own called Janie's Mountain Garden that I started in January of this year. Mine's about the trials and tribulations of gardening in a mountain region. And that is my MAJOR challenge in itself. Rocks ... rocks ... everywhere. I've broken more shovels than you can shake a stick at! Why someone would want to shake a stick, I really don't know? Anyway, I would love to win one of the shovels in your giveaway. Glad to meet you.

Karen said...

My yard is hard packed clay and a bugger to dig in!!! The previous owners did not do a thing to the yard except mow it for the past 47 yrs. so you get the picture. I sure would love one of those Ames pointed shovels. Love me the wood handle one. Thanks.

Unknown said...

When it comes to sturdiness, I agree that Ames comes out at the top. There are just times a long handled shovel is the exact tool needed! And while short handled D-grip spades and shovels are my favorites. there ar etimes when a longer lever is just the trick for digging out an old stubborn shrub. I might lean toward the fiberglass as well... Thanks for the review and opportunity!

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

The biggest problem is how hard and rocky the soil is.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

Kylee Baumle said...

Congratulations to Jenny Y.! You are the randomly selected winner of the shovel of your choice! Please watch for an email from me, for how you can claim your shovel!

Thank you, everyone, for entering and for your thoughtful responses about your digging challenges. And thanks too, for being a reader of Our Little Acre. :-)

Kylee Baumle said...

Congratulations to Jenny Y.! You are the randomly selected winner of the shovel of your choice! Please watch for an email from me, for how you can claim your shovel!

Thank you, everyone, for entering and for your thoughtful responses about your digging challenges. And thanks too, for being a reader of Our Little Acre. :-)

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