Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: All Hail the Queen!

Queen Anne's Lace 
Daucus carota var. carota
Zones 3-9
Full Sun to Part Shade
24-36" tall
Can cause dermatitis from handling
Noxious weed in some states, including Ohio


Beth said...

It is lovely, Kylee, but I found it too invasive for my garden. Now I grow Ammi majus, an annual that looks very similar.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it growing in areas along highways and expressways in past years. Haven't noticed any this year, but haven't been out and about as much this summer.

Kylee Baumle said...

Beth ~ Yes, it's invasive, as I noted and I don't grow it in my garden, but I really don't have to, because it's growing EVERYWHERE all around us! I took these photos along the roadside near our house. Ammi majus is prettier, in my opinion!

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