Saturday, May 26, 2007

Breezewood Garden Center

Breezewood Garden Center - 17600 Chillicothe Rd., Chagrin Falls, OH

A couple of miles north took us to Breezewood Garden Center.
The facade looked quite rustic and when we entered, the store had a cozy boutique feel to it.

It was smaller than Eagle Creek, but they had a nice variety of items, including clothing, jewelry, and charming garden decor items in this section of the store.

This led into the greenhouses and outdoor plant displays. The plants were lovely and healthy here, just as they'd been at Eagle Creek.

I found some that I'd been searching for, but not the elusive 'Pink Octopus' Campanula that is my personal Plant of the Year for 2007. Last year, as Mom and I visited the various flower shows and nurseries, I was on a quest for 'Blue Mouse Ears' Hosta. I never did find it, so I ended up purchasing it online along with a few other minis. I talked with the person who does the ordering for Breezewood and though she had ordered 'Pink Octopus', it was never shipped, so the quest continues.

While we were inside Breezewood, it rained. We hoped we had gotten some of it earlier back home, but we found out later we did not. We're not in an official state of drought yet, but if we don't get rain soon, we will be.

Next stop: Lowe's Greenhouse...


kate said...

Now why did Yolanda Elizabet come to mind when I saw the first picture from this garden centre? It looks as if it would be a wonderful place to explore.

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