Saturday, May 12, 2007


I just want to say that I'm exhausted. My neck hurts, my back hurts, I'm filthy dirty, and I'm tired. My hands hurt, my feet hurt, and well, what doesn't hurt? Oh, and I'm tired. Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

It was the Kniphofia that did me in. Have you ever tried to dig up and move established Kniphofia?? Don't. Just buy new. It's not worth the digging, the tugging, the digging deeper, the tugging some more, and digging yet deeper. Imagine an octopus that is buried in clay and wants to stay there.

It's moved now, even though I can't.



Carol Michel said...

But it's that good kind of tired, right? I felt that way yesterday after planting containers up. But I'm all rested and cleaned up now and ready to go at it again!

Kylee Baumle said...

Well honestly, no. The tired part is okay, it's the pain part that is the worst. I really, really have overdone it. Not just today, but all week. Today was just what put me over the edge and I knew better, but did it anyway. I actually enjoy being physically tired from doing stuff, but I don't enjoy feeling like I do right now.

I just wish I had it in me to do what I used to be able to do with little effort and what I am able to do in my mind.

Eight straight hours of digging and planting and cultivating and hauling stuff when you're already pretty well spent is just not smart!

But tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'm going to do NOTHING all day... :-)

Unknown said...

OOoh, Kylee I seriously sympathize. I overdid it with gardening this week--then I jumped on my horse and went for a nearly three hour ride--after not riding for nearly three months--THEN I was up and down ladders and stairs and climbing over sterns to get in zodiacs yesterday on the Matthew again, and I am stiff and sore especially in my knees. As you say, it's now Mother's Day and I'm not doing anything today--except going to garden centres with MY mother and my sister later this afternoon.

Feel better soon....

kate said...

I know of the pain and fatigue you speak of. It is so easy to overdo it without thinking and then later realising that you went too far. Those darn Kniphofia!

Thank goodness for Mother's Day where you can just rest up, do as little as possible and sit and enjoy your garden (that's what I do ... just sit and marvel at the wonders in the garden).

Anonymous said...

I had a Red-Hot Poker plant at my last house that I was thinking of taking with me. I guess I'm glad I decided against it.

It's Sunday.
I hope you're resting.

Unknown said...

Yikes... hope you feel better soon.

Who is currently looking at her clump of not-quite-yet established kniphofia and wondering if she should axe it now.

Ladyseashells said...

No pain, no gain, as saying goes. Just wait for your flowers to bloom as your reward and I'll bet you you'll be doing that pain again next year, coz it feels good to be a gardener and have some flowers to enjoy. I call it my pain reliever.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Kylee, my dear, you really should be more careful and take care of yourself. Working hard in the garden is always fun, being tired afterwards is to be expected, but the pain is not good.

I had a friend with fybro, just like you, so please take care of yourself , otherwise I can't come and stay with you. ;-)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

The comment thingy on your next post isn't working and I want to comment on this lovely tribute of yours to your mum and her garden, so I'll do it here.

What a lovely garden your mother has, and it is such a personal garden too. Love the gazebo with all its sayings. And how very handy to have a man like your dad around. He's really good at building and creating things.

Tree peony pretty!!!!

That small patio area looks so cozy and inviting!

The froggies made me laugh, I have a friend who collects froggs.

Thank you for all the lovely pics Kylee!

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