Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lowe's Greenhouse

Lowe's Greenhouse - 16540 Chillicothe Rd., Chagrin Falls, OH

Next up was Lowe's Greenhouse, which was the impetus for our current nursery tour. It was more like the traditional garden center we were used to, but larger. It seemed to be a little more personal than the nurseries we'd just been to, and we spent a couple of hours there.

Again, lovely plants and some that we'd not seen in the other places, which is one reason we enjoy nursery hopping so much. Each place has something a little bit different than the others.

We had a nice conversation with Mary Lynn, and she was quite helpful with answering our questions.

I spied some blue pots, but was able to resist buying one. I've always told my girls, "You can never have too many white shirts," and I think now I'll have to add, "You can never have too many blue pots." I just love them.

While this wasn't the largest greenhouse we'd visited so far, it seemed like they had a more varied selection of plants that we'd not encountered in our previous gardening ventures. It was here that I made the most purchases, which included a Lewisia, a German Bearded Iris, a Wisteria that will actually bloom because it already has flower buds on it, a variegated Abutilon, an Aruncus, and a vining Jasmine.

Last stop on the tour: Petitti Garden Center...


kate said...

More blue pots ... I love it. I'm always happy to hear when someone else grows Lewisia. I would be really happy if Wisteria grew here, but alas, it wouldn't survive.

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