Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's a No-Work Day Tomorrow

We were madly finishing up some projects around here, like watering, mowing, using up the rest of the mulch (didn't get that done), because Romie has surgery tomorrow. I've worked him too hard. Seriously.

He's developed an inguinal hernia.

And tomorrow morning, they'll fix it. He is actually looking forward to all this, because he's been so uncomfortable. I think he's also looking forward to me waiting on him hand and foot for a couple of weeks. No problem. He's not very demanding.

We are
so opposite...


UPDATE 6.10.07: The surgery went well, and Romie is feeling better today than he was yesterday. He's up and walking around the yard several times a day and generally going crazy because he can't really do anything. He's resorted to breaking out the Leave It To Beaver DVDs that the girls got him for Christmas a few years ago, and he's seen them several times already. But they do still make him chuckle. :-)

Did I just say "chuckle"?


Bob said...

Remembering Romie in prayer today! Enjoy spoiling him! Even if he is not very demanding, he WILL appreciate it.

Jean said...

I hope all goes well with surgery. Great post on lightening bugs! Loved it!

Knitters Notebook said...

I think you both are needing some much need rest.


Unknown said...

Am thinking good thoughts for Romie... a successful surgery and a quick and easy recovery! Have fun playing nurse. :)

Alyssa said...

Kylee, Good luck on your husband's surgery. I'm sure everything will turn out fine and he'll soon be working along side you again. Your blog is wonderful and the pictures lovely. I also have a soft spot for flowering maples. They make very nice indoor plants, too.

You commented to me about the split leaf sumac and how it came up all over. What type of soil did you put it in (heavy? sand? etc.) and is it in the shade or sun? I'm going to try an area where it won't get too crazy and yet we will still be able to enjoy it. Any pointers? Thanks and I'll be visiting you soon. Alyssa

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Hey Kylee,

Sorry to hear that your hubby has a hernia. Good luck with the surgery and recovery.

kate said...

Hi Kylee,

Will keep Romie in my thoughts and you too! I hope Romie is recovering and comfortable.

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