Monday, June 11, 2007

Meet the New Rose Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Several weeks ago, Kara and I went to the Evergreen Garden Club's plant sale in Van Wert. I only bought a couple of things, one being a rose-colored Chinese Forget-Me-Not. Hmmmmm..... Mom and I neither one had ever heard of this, but there are a LOT of flowers we've never heard of. So, for two dollars, I bought one.

I didn't think the foliage looked anything like any of the Forget-me-nots I've got or have ever seen before, but being that it was rose-colored made it unusual anyway. Maybe it had unusual foliage, too.

Well, that rose-colored Chinese Forget-Me-Not bloomed this week. I guess it either forgot what it was supposed to be or it changed its mind, because now it's a Yellow Prairie Coneflower (
Ratibida columnifera).

That's okay with me, though, because my Mexican Hats (Ratibida columnifera ) that I've had for the last two years deserted me over the winter. This one isn't as colorful as the ones I had before (--->), but I still like it.

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RUTH said...

I've always admired these when I've seen them though never grown them. I think they probably need a sunnier garden than mine. Happy GTS

Anonymous said...

Well I like them just fine, too! I love garden surprises. Even if you don't get what you expected, you still get something that brings a smile - or at least I do!

Muum said...

so, now I want to see what a 'rose chinese forget me not' looks like! Do you suppose it was all some elaborate joke?

kate said...

That is a cool-looking plant ... reminded me of Bloomingwriter's primrose that she posted a few days ago.

I love visiting your garden.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Mexican hats...and your delightful turn of phrase, about your Mexican Hats having "deserted me over the winter." Very fine, Kylee...I may borrow that sometime. Normally i just say that plants 'go to sleep." Either way, this is a lovely plant.
I like the idea of a pink cynoglossum, although the blue is one of my favourites. Apparently it's invasive some places, but not here--it dwindles out after a couple or three years, or maybe I dug it up thinking it was a weed--it's been done before!--so I was glad to find a couple of plants earlier this spring.

Plant surprises are usually fun...unless they're something nasty like goutweed.

Unknown said...

LOL... how funny! But great that you got something useful at least.

We had some pink-flowered Chinese forget-me-nots at the garden center this spring. They were just mixed in with the blue ones, so you didn't know which was which until they flowered. It drove me nuts because we order things alphabetically by botanical name and the other girl put them where the "M"s were instead of over by the "C"s... I'm the new girl, so I didn't correct the Myosotis/Cynoglossum thing. It just irritated me until they were all gone. lol.

Anonymous said...

A stunning photograph of an unusual plant. Thanks for sharing.
Sara from farmingfriends

Gardenmomma Chris said...

You know what? I think, if it were me, I'd be happy that it turned out to be a yellow prairie coneflower. I love it!!! Think I'm going to go out and look for one!! :)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hmm, perhaps you weren't wearing your rose tinted glasses? :-)

Nevermind, it's a nice plant anyway and you got a surprise for free.

Anonymous said...

Those tricky Coneflowers.

Don't you love a surprize?

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