Friday, June 29, 2007

Quenched Thirst

Romie came in the house this afternoon and mentioned that I'd better check the green beans because he saw some that were picking size, so I went out to pull beans. As I was out there, I saw some new blooms had opened, so I went back into the house for the camera.

Just thought I'd share with you. Notice anything?

Oriental Lily (Lilium orientale 'Corrida')
Planted last fall, these are the first blooms in my garden.

Longiflorum-Asiatic (L.A.) Hybrid Lily (Lilium 'Samur')

Daylily (Hemerocallis Hybrid by L. Wolfe - not yet registered)
I got this last year from Lana Wolfe, who is a hybridizer in Ft. Wayne, IN. It's not yet registered, so she said I could call it whatever I wanted. I named it 'Lovely Lana' but that name already belongs to a registered daylily! With over 58,000 registered cultivars in the American Hemerocallis Society's database, it's not surprising that the name was taken.
This thing is HUGE, measuring nearly eight inches across.

Watermelon blossom (Citrullus lanatus 'Quetzali')

Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Wood Sorrel (Oxalis regnellii)

Clematis (Clematis 'Avant-Garde')

Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis)

Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus)

There's RAIN in the heartland!
And this time I did the happy dance - IN THE RAIN.

Not a major downpour, and it looks like we'll have to be satisfied with three-quarters of a inch for now. But we are ever so grateful for all favors, great or small.


Anonymous said...

beans to pick! and rain! and gorgeous blooms! what a day!

I've never seen wood sorrel before. I need to grow some of that, sooo gorgeous.

Ki said...

Very lovely photos of your rain splatered flowers. I especially like the 'Coral Queen" and Hydrangea. We got about 3" of rain when we had a small downpour one night and when the front went by last night. Yay. I guess you are worse off than we are so I'm glad you got some rain. Lugging around the hoses aren't much fun.

Unknown said...

What a great photo of raindancing! Makes me want to go out and do another raindance for you. I bet everything just drank it down that it's even more lovely there today.
I love photos of flowers with rain on them...they're so pure and happy looking. We're not into the lilies yet, so I really loved seeing yours.

Jared said...

Rain!! That's awesome, glad to see you got a LITTLE PRECIPITATION! Still dry here, as it will probably be for a couple more months. Your flowers look very happy.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I have been reading blogs for about an hour now and it seems everyone has gotten some rain. Beautiful lilies!

Jean said...

Your lilies are lovely but the rain is even lovlier! We're desperate for it too.

Muum said...

Glad you got some rain! love your pics!

Alyssa said...

Beautiful pictures. I like to take flower pictures right after a rain - seems like they are brighter. You are lucky to have a daylily no one else does.

The rain dance photo is priceless. I can just feel your happiness! Great!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Hi Kylee,

That Lana daylily is awesome. Glad you got some rain as well. We had 4 inches in 45 minutes the other day !

Don't forget to join us for Garden Bloggers' Muse day tomorrow by posting a poem and letting me know when you do.

Mary said...

Thanks for the rain dance. It brought us rain here in central Virginia, as well. Praise be.

Marsha said...

I love the picture of you dancing in the rain. I would have done the same thing had I not been at work.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you explained what that stuff was... because we still haven't seen any at my house in the past month. *sigh*

At least your picture of you doing a rain dance made me smile. :)

Mother Nature said...

Hi, Kylee,
That's a rain dance I can understand.

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