Thursday, July 12, 2007

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Is the Rain

Our church, St. Paul United Methodist in Payne, has started some small groups as a way to get to know others in the church. I think it's a great idea, and you're sure to meet people you've never really met before and share your common interest.

One of those small groups is for gardeners.
I went to the meeting tonight and while it's not very well attended yet, I'm hoping it will grow. You can learn so much from fellow gardeners, especially when they're dealing with the same things you are, which for us is heavy clay and this year, the severe lack of rain. Everyone grows some of the same things, as well as things that the rest of us may not be familiar with, but we're happy to learn about it all.

We'd been there about an hour when Al said, "It's raining."

Me: "You're kidding."

He wasn't. Though the sun was shining, on one side of the building it was raining. On the other side it wasn't. We immediately broke group and went out to stand in the rain, and while it was nice, we could tell it wasn't going to last - a mere pickle shower. Over in a few minutes, sadly. And we all talked about whether we'd get a drop of it at our respective homes.

As I left town and headed east for home, I was treated to a beautiful double rainbow. I hoped it would last until I could get to my camera, and while it wasn't nearly as complete as I saw while driving, I still was able to capture it as it appeared just beyond Max's Garden.

Did we get any of the precious rain at our house? Only enough to keep the dust down, unfortunately, so the daily watering will continue. We can't give up now. I'm beginning to think we won't ever get any rain until it comes in the form of snow.


Bob said...

ooooooooo, colorful! ;)

In south GA, we have been received just over 1.5" of rain for the month of July. Just enough to make the grass grow and need cutting. But not enough to really help farmers and gardeners.

:( our tomatoe plants were turned into compost material earlier in the week!

Muum said...

We are looking for rain (or at least a break from the heat!) here, too.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The garden picture with the rainbow is beautiful. We need rain too.

Alyssa said...

What a beautiful picture. The rainbow and garden are lovely.

We're needing rain here too. It seems lots of the country is in somewhat of a drought. Well, we'll just keep on watering.


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