Monday, August 27, 2007

After the Rain

Honeysuckle Leaf
(Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet')

This is what I'd originally planned on posting last Tuesday, before it was pre-empted by yet more rain. The title of the post could have remained the same, and yes, there's beauty in lingering moisture after the heavens let loose, but it just wasn't beautiful last Tuesday. These pictures were taken the afternoon previous to "The Flood".

White Pine
(Pinus strobus)

Sweet Autumn Clematis
(Clematis terniflora)

(Euphorbia marginata)

'Endless Summer' Hydrangea
(Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blushing Bride')

Hardy Geranium
This is supposed to be 'Purple Pillow', but it doesn't seem dark enough to me.

Dahlia 'Peaches 'n' Cream'

Nasturtium Leaf
(Tropaeolum majus)

Obedient Plant
(Physostegia virginiana)

Rosa 'Sutter's Gold

Chenille Plant
(Acalypha pendula)


Carol Michel said...

I meant to comment earlier to let you know how sorry I was to read that you had flood problems. So much rain!

Your pictures of the plants with rain drops on them are beautiful.

Still dry here,
Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Barbara said...

Just beautiful all these pictures with drops on the flowers. It looks as if there were diamonds hanging. I hope all your flood problems have come to a good end.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love plants with rain drops on them and your pictures are great. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera do you use?

Kylee Baumle said...

Thanks, Carol, Barbara, and Robin. We're not done cleaning up yet. You just can't imagine the smell, and it's not surprising, since water goes anywhere it wants to and even where it doesn't. :-( But we'll get there. I'm going to post an update later today.

Robin, my camera is a Canon A710 IS. I love it!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Your pictures are fantastic. I too enjoy seeing rain drops on the flowers. Thanks for sharing!!

earlysnowdrop said...

These photos are great. I miss rain. Summer in Southern California doesn't provide much rainfall. (We did have a little sprinkle last week...but I was out of town. Too bad!)

Anonymous said...

Your nature photographs are beautiful. I have taken photographs of flowers also and have a special interest in them. Thank you for sharing them. P.S. I found them while researching plant photos for an unknown plant a freind of mine has that I would like to indentify.

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