Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Friendship Revisited

Our garden had a visitor today, and got me in the process. She came to see the garden, but we spent more time catching up on each other's lives in the family room. Brenda (more affectionately known as 'Brennie') e-mailed me on Monday and asked if she might come see the garden on Tuesday. Of course!

This morning arrived amid gray cloudy skies and rumbles of thunder. The radar showed what looked like rain approaching from the west. Brennie e-mailed again and said,"...today is not looking very promising for a garden tour :( what do you think?? " I think a little rain never hurt gardens or people.

I kept reading, and she went on to say, "Rain or Shine I'll be over just to see you!!!" That's my girl! And by the time she came and we'd hugged and talked and laughed together a bit, the rain was over.

We headed out to the garden, where Brennie placed two stones she'd brought for our cairn. One, she chose because it looked like a tooth. With a cavity. Brenda and I had worked together for years in a dental office in Van Wert. We were a tightly knit group and though it's been 14 years since I worked there, I still see many of the people I worked with and count them as my friends.

The second stone she brought really touched my heart. It was a round, speckled ball of granite-looking stuff, and Brennie explained why she had to bring it, too. She said she'd never seen a stone so perfectly round before and that it reminded her of me. She used the word 'perfect'. Oh, Brennie, you really need to hang around with me more, girl! Your impression of me in this way would do a 180! She then explained that the different colors in the stone represented my many interests, and when the sun shone on the stone, it sparkled. Like me.

I think Brennie is the new president of my fan club.

Seriously, what a wonderful way to start a day, having your ego inflated like that. But what meant the most to me was who had said it. You see, I view Brenda as a person of high caliber. She's got integrity, compassion, and a positive outlook on life. Our visit made me realize how much I miss being around her.

Why do we do this? We let people that we once knew very well drift out of our lives. We all do it. Changes in the logistics of our lives puts distance between us that is unavoidable. Jobs change, we get busy with our kids, and we keep moving on down the road, leaving those wonderful relationships behind, or at least putting them on a shelf, meaning to take them down later. And sometimes later never comes.

Thank you, Brennie, for taking the time to come visit my garden, but more for coming to see me and making me realize how fortunate I am to know you. It's people like you who have put that sparkle in my life.


kate said...

So true ... how people we love can drift out of our lives. When we are reconnected, we wonder why we let this happen. These visits are precious for reminding us of the wonderful people who have shared in our past and have nurtured us along our way.

Barbara said...

Thanks for letting me know. I came over to check yours anyhow.
Your nature photos are wonderful.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

What a great story. I got goose bumps and a little tear swelled up in my eye as I read about the rocks. It reminded me of several friends that were very improtant to me that I have lost touch with. I need to make that call!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Gardening!!

Anonymous said...

Our Time together was Cherished and your Gardens are just as Beautiful as You are!
Love ya,
Your New President :)ha..love it

Annie in Austin said...

It sounds like the four-leaf clover you found was a symbol of your luck in renewing this friendship, Kylee! What a lovely story.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bob said...

A really great story. We often get so busy in our lives that we forget to tell the people in them how much they effect and add. What a wonderful reminder.
Thank you for sharing the story.
It's the little things in life that make it so special --- Like a very round rock with speckles in it that sparkle in the sun.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how close we can be to someone, sharing our most private thoughts and dreams, and then let them fade from our lives. I am glad that you were able to connect with your friend again.

Alice said...

I think you have such a high regard for Brennie and feel so happy and uplifted in her presence because that is how she feels about you. A wonderfully enduring friendship. May it last all your lives.

Cheers -


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