Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Blooms

Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil 'Chocolate')

Just the last couple of days have felt different when I go outside. It's still hot, but the nights have started to get cooler and for the most part, the humidity has decreased. There are more bugs - spiders in particular - and the chewing ones are really taking their toll on the garden. The hint of fall suggests that summer has begun to wane.

But there is still plenty for me to ooh and ahh over when I do a garden walk-through . . .

Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Sarah Christine')
This is the largest daylily I've ever seen, measuring nine inches across! I got this one from Barb Wolff last summer. It was just a seedling then and didn't bloom, but I got five very large blooms from it this summer. It's actually still in bloom, with one more bud yet to open. That's 'Frans Hals' on the right in the background. I love that one, too.

Balloon Flower
grandiflorus) in a double form.

Appleblossom Grass (Gaura lindheimeri) - This appears to only be hardy to zone 6, but I'm going to attempt to overwinter it outside here in zone 5 by mulching heavily. It's the Energizer Bunny in my Japanese Garden. It just blooms and blooms and blooms . . .

Hardy Geranium or Cranesbill (Geranium 'Rozanne') - I started three small ones in the fall, purchased from Big Dipper Farm. Only one made it through the winter and they replaced the other two. The one that wintered over got HUGE! The two newer ones, planted this spring, did well also, and I have no reason to believe all three won't winter over this year, since the newer ones have had all summer to get established.

Clematis 'Mrs. Robert Brydon'
I LOVE this clematis! I purchased it last summer from Bluestone Perennials and it was small, so I never got to see it bloom. This year, it grew like crazy, and while it's not a vining clematis, it grows tall and can be trained to 'vine' around a support. It started blooming a week ago and it's loaded with tiny light blue bells. Very, very pretty dark green foliage and blooms!

Dahlia 'Who Dun It' - Probably the prettiest of the dahlias I have. Grows quite tall at four feet or more and color doesn't fade in the sun like the other ones I have. The Japanese Beetles like it, too.

Sneezeweed or Helen's Flower (Helenium) - I got these from Michigan Bulb and while they were a bit small, they didn't stay that way for long! Very robust and lovely daisy-like blooms starting a couple of weeks ago. Looks a bit like the gaillardia bloom, but it's much smaller and refined.

Purple Hyacinth Bean (Lablab purpureus) - I got these seeds planted late (mid-June), but they wasted no time in playing catch-up. They remind me of sweet pea blossoms. I'll save the purple bean pods since this is an annual vine, and I'll plant them again next year, but earlier. Pretty purple foliage, too.

It is believed that Thomas Jefferson grew this vine at his home at Monticello.

French Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Endless Summer® Blushing Bride') - I've only had this one about a month, but I love the shading on the mophead blooms.

Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull' - This is supposed to be a cross of 'Zamfir' and 'Early Sunrise.' I had 'Zamfir' for a couple of years and it was really bothered with powdery mildew, but this one doesn't seem to have that problem in the same location. This hot, dry summer has probably been a good test for powdery mildew resistance.

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis 'Tojen')
I've got several toad lilies, but this is the first to bloom. It provides the shade garden with a lovely splash of color. They always remind me of tiny orchids.


Anonymous said...

Your Daylilies are spectacular, I had to go back and check out the July 6th post again. What a collection. I am always amazed at the variety available. Beautiful pictures :)

ellipsisknits said...

Oh do let us know if you have success with the Gaura. I too am in zone 5, but would love to grow it.

Jean said...

All of your blooms are beautiful! I've never seen a clematis like that but it is gorgeous! Love them all!

Connie said...

Great photos of beautiful blooms! I especially like the sneezeweed and that very cool Coreopsis. I tried to grow sneezeweed from traded seed this year, but nothing came up, so will try again.

Muum said...

the daylily is wonderful, and I love the hydrangea, too. I have gaura, it does fine in my high desert zone 5, year after year. Let me know how yours does!

MrBrownThumb said...


That morning glory is simply stunning. I like the variety of blooms you got going in your garden.

Carol Michel said...

I'm surprised you have toad lilies blooming already, I usually don't see those in my garden until late September.

All your flowers are so pretty and well-photographed.

Thanks for joining in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Bob said...

Everything looks really healthy and happy. Your garden must be very colourful. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. I'm with Mr. brownthumb, the morning glory is gorgeous. I've heard about this hybrid, now I can say I've seen it.
Take Care, BOB

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Kylee you have such unique and pretty flowers. I have several of the Balloon flowers but I didn't know there was a double flowering one.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

It's funny... I just got done writing a post about how things seem to be changing outside too. Your photos are spectacular and I really love the detailed descriptions you give on each flower, how you acquired it, and how it has fared. Just a joy to read! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Annie in Austin said...

Kylee, you seem to have fun trying out new varieties - the 'Blushing Bride' is way prettier than the other Endless Summer hydrangeas, 'Mrs Robert Brydon' is a delicate beauty and Jethro Tull is great! Your plants are ahead of mine - no Lablabs in bloom as yet here.

I've never heard Appleblossom grass used as a name for the Texas native Gaura lindheimerii, but did have some luck overwintering it when I lived in IL. Gaura needs really good drainage to be cold resistent... having its roots frozen in ice killed it.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kylee Baumle said...

Carol, I was surprised that the toad lily put out a bloom this early, too. None of my other ones even show hints of blooming yet.

I'd not heard Appleblossom Grass either, Annie. I've always known it as Gaura, but I always try to put the common name here, too. I've got it sited where it does get good drainage, in fact, the soil has a fairly high gravel content. I can't find the plant tag right now, but I'm certain it said zone 5 on it, or I wouldn't have bought it, but online I can only find zone 6 as the limit to its cold hardiness.

Gotta Garden said...

Enjoyed all your beautiful blooms, Kylee!

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