Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Gardens of Beth Karp - Cincinnati, OH

As I mentioned before, while attending the GWA Region III meeting in Cincinnati last month, we toured a couple of private gardens.  I shared that of Bill Lee and Hurst Sloniker and now the gardens of Beth Karp.

Just as we drove up to Beth's home, it began to sprinkle a bit and by the time we left, it had picked up some. There was just enough time to make our way around her beautiful property, admire her landscaping abilities, and snap a few photos.

We entered the back gardens through this gate...

Enormous raised beds greeted us to the right.

Beth (in the center) was on hand to answer questions and provide commentary as we toured.
Mom and I both were loving the Primulas...

...including these doubles (looks like triples to me!).

More Primulas along a woodland path.

Well-groomed knot garden.

In spite of how aloof or angry Ginger looks in this photo, she was a charming, affectionate kitty whose ears are permanently laid back like this due to her being part Scottish Fold.  She enjoyed the attention I was more than happy to give her.

Inside the attached conservatory room, lives a beautiful peach-colored Clivia.

This meandering path took us by a beautiful water feature...

Toward the back of the property was a potting shed with several beds of hostas and ferns.

Ostrich Ferns (Matteuccia struthiopteris)

I really WANT some Lily-of-the-Valley like this striped one! (Convallaria majalis 'Albostriata')

I want some of this, too, whatever it is.  We were told, but I didn't write it down, and I don't remember. We saw a solid green variety, too. Does anyone know what it is?

 The final garden area was "The White Garden" inside a courtyard.

These white tulips were fabulous...

...and HUGE!

As the rain picked up, we left Beth's garden to meet at the Cincinnati Flower Show at Symmes Township Park in Loveland for lunch. More about the show later!


Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Beautiful, Kylee. Didn't know that the Lily of the Valley came in stripes. Gotta have some.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a neatly groomed garden. Love the knot.

Darla said...

Beth has an outstanding garden, what talent for groupings.

Chiot's Run said...

Perhaps that plant is a wild native ginger. Or maybe a Brunnera?

It actually looks a lot like a few of our larger wild violets we have around here, I've seen a few with the variegated gene. That's probably not it since most people consider them weeds though.

Anonymous said...

One can only dream of having a garden like this. I loved it all, but especially the knot garden...and the kitty. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The big-leaved plant with yellow streaks is a variegated Petastites. Very pretty - shouldn't be too hard to find.

Garden Lily said...

Beautiful garden! The stone work really caught my eye. I gotta have some of that variegated lily of the valley now, too.

Design Resource said...

Beautiful! Nice foliage colors and contrasts.

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