Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lily For a Day

"Your garden is pretty."

"Oh, you should have seen it last week, when the [insert plant name here] was blooming."

How many times have we made a subtle excuse for our gardens in this way? Someone compliments us - they like our garden just as they see it - but we are remembering the roses that were in full bloom and are now taking a breather. We wish they'd been able to see the Asiatic lilies when they stood tall and proud and bright,  that now look a little bedraggled.

But that's how the garden is, isn't it? Every flower has its day and thank goodness they don't all have it all at once. We start with those little darlings in the spring, the crocuses, which give way to tulips and daffodils and then comes the parade of perennials all summer long, each taking their turn in the spotlight.

This week, the daylilies have taken center stage. They'll perform well for the next few weeks and provide the bulk of color throughout Max's Garden.

'Siloam Show Girl'

'Leprechaun Eyes'


'Big Smile'

'Black-Eyed Stella'

'Strawberry Candy'

'Pardon Me', a miniature

'First Knight'

'Czar's Treasure'

'Selma Longlegs'

'Butterscotch Ruffles', a miniature


'Sunday Gloves'

'South Seas'

'Siloam Double Classic', which doesn't always exhibit double form.

'Ruffles and Lace'

'Red Volunteer'

'Razzmatazz', a miniature, showing a polytepal bloom (has four petals and
four sepals instead of the usual 3/3)

'Prairie Champ '

I call this one 'Lovely Lana'. It's an unnamed hybrid by Lana Wolff.

'Etched Eyes'

'Cherry Chapeau'

'Prairie Blossoms', a miniature

'Alabama Jubilee'

Unnamed hybrid

Unknown red daylilies

Daylilies have got to be just about the easiest plant to grow that there is. Just dig a hole, plop it in, snug the soil up around it, and water. They aren't fussy about rich or poor soil, acidic or alkaline, sun or shade (although they tend to bloom better with at least some sun), and they're drought tolerant. They come in an amazing array of colors and forms and if you want to do some hybridizing of your own, the daylily is the one for you.

While it's true that most blooms only last a day, by the time the plants are just a few years old, they've got enough blooms to last for several weeks. I have several blooming now that will continue to put out blooms until well into September. 

Not all of mine are in bloom yet. I'm still waiting for 'When I Dream', 'El Desperado', 'Frans Hals', 'Sarah Christine' and 'Hush Little Baby'.


Jennifer said... have so many varieties! Although I have a love/hate relationship with them, yours are so pretty that who could ever hate them? :)

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Beautiful daylilies Kylee! Wouldn't it be nice if we could freeze all plants at their peak to enjoy them all at once?

Darla said...

They are great plants...what a collection you have shown today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Kylee, these are so stunning and so subtly beautiful! As I scrolled down I kept stopping to write down the name of one that was my favorite, only to stop again in 5 seconds - no THIS one is my - THIS one is one I should get and grow...

Good grief! They are just gorgeous!

It was difficult, but I think I've narrowed it down to these for my garden "wish list:"

Strawberry Candy, Razzmatazz, Prairie Champ, and Cherry Chapeau - what a beauty that one is!

Thanks for sharing these - great post!

Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

Oh, Kaylee those Lillie's are stunning thank you for the share

Lona said...

Kylee your lilies are just so beautiful. You have your own Lilyfest going on there. LOL!

Commonweeder said...

Your daylilies are magnificent. Mine are just starting. They are beautiful and practical in all kinds of ways. They are easy care - and they have filled a bank that my husband now doesn't have to mow. With great difficulty.

Diana said...

Beautiful. As I am sure your garden is every day of the year. (But I do that too when someone visits!)

F Cameron said...

Gorgeous! Hard to pick a fave from your photos, but that Ruffles and Lace and the Etched Eyes are so unique!

Wish I had more room inside my fence so that I could grow more daylilies.

Jennah Watters said...

I was planning on doing an all daylily Bloom Day this month. But I don't have nearly as many as you!

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