Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Easy Gardener Instant Garden Is a Good Name For It!

When I was in Little Rock at P. Allen Smith's this past April, one of the businesses that was also there was Easy Gardener. They're the makers of Jobe's Organics and other plant products, as well as a nifty canvas Instant Garden. We got to see these products while spending some time in Allen's gardens and we were thrilled to learn that we would be receiving some of them once we returned home.

My Easy Gardener Instant Garden arrived and once The Monsoon Month of May (a.k.a. The Second Wettest Month In History) passed, I got it out and planted it up. I used potting soil to fill it and various vegetable seeds to plant it.


I tried to plant things that I knew would do well in a container - round carrots, beets, purple basil, buttercrunch lettuce, radishes, and spinach. In June's heat, things germinated very quickly. I also added an eggplant plant in one corner.


Purple Basil
Growing veggies in the Instant Garden couldn't have been easier. I placed it in full sun, although it gets a bit of shade late in the day. I've watered it every other day, since we've gotten no rain since the monsoon. (Just 1.1 inch the entire month of June!)


  • 16”W x 36”L x 8”D x 30” H
  • It has a tube attached to the bottom for excess water to drain out. 
  • The container is supported by powder coated metal legs.
  • The canvas is resin coated. 
  • It takes one 2 cubic feet bag of potting soil to fill it.
  • It will support 75 pounds or so.

Buttercrunch Bibb Lettuce
Daucus carota 'Parisian'

Solanum melongena 'Purple Blaze' is putting
on blooms. This variety is from Burpee and is
known for its high yield.
Right now we're enjoying the lettuce and spinach and basil. The radishes didn't form before bolting, although there was plenty of foliage. I blame the hot weather, since they're really a cool season crop and I got them planted late. The beets, carrots, and eggplant will come later.

The Easy Gardener Instant Garden would be perfect for balcony or patio gardeners and those who may find bending over to garden a problem. I'm tickled that I can grow my own salads in such a small space and it's attractive seeing all that lush, green growing on our deck.

For more information on the Easy Gardener Instant Garden, you can visit their website, or purchase it on Amazon.

Just look at how well things have grown! They've grown better in the Instant
Garden than they have in my regular garden. This photo was taken this
evening, right before I harvested the overflowing lettuce and spinach
greens. I also thinned the beets and carrots.

The Easy Gardener Instant Garden was sent to me free of charge. I was not required to blog about this product or any other product that Easy Gardener sent to me. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Darla said...

very impressive.

Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

Great way to raise herbs!

I think the biggest unshared benefit of the Easy Gardener is it's perfect for the Enabled gardener for those with back problems it's an easy garden to tend little to no bending over. For those that are Wheelchair bound it's easily accessible for them to Wheel up to and tend.

For the rest of us it makes for an easy to place and grow....

Annie <\;-)

Amy Junod said...

Wow! Everything looks great in there. Now I am really interested in the product. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

I love the seed packets on the planting stakes. Where did you get those clear plastic protectors?

Anonymous said...

How great! I love the height created by the planters and the fact that they are portable! Your plants do indeed seem very happy in them. It's fun to experiment with things like this and great when they turn out to be keepers!

Victoria Williams said...

I saw this container at Teresa's house. Very attractive.

Alan from Hard To Beet said...

This does sound like a great idea for folks who can't bend or who are disabled. I have a bad back, but unfortunately doubled the size of my veg patch this year and my back is well aware of the fact!

Michael said...

I really enjoyed reading about the Instant Garden setup and how fast it's produced for you. It's also impressive how simple and sturdy it seems to be. I might get one for my patio for next season. I'm using something along this line for growing tomatoes this year. It's a raised bed 3X3 container with water reservoirs built in underneath. So far I'm having good luck with it. It seems if you can control for the soil composition and the moisture level better than you can just planting vegetables in the ground, you will get a much better yield and more quickly. You might even use this approach to set up a larger scale raised bed garden arrangement if you used 3 or 4 of them grouped together.

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